Leica Geosystems Enjoys “Always On” Service
Leica Geosystems needed reliable cellular connectivity for its farming customers in remote locations. Using Aeris, Leica was able to pass along a better price and better service to its customers.
Free Consultation
Free consultation for lifecycle of application: align pricing to business model, lower TCO, troubleshooting processes and more.
GTX Corp Improves GPS Tracking with Aeris
GTX increased their level of reliability and simplified their troubleshooting process on the Aeris network.

Remote Monitoring and Control for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Businesses have rapidly adopted remote monitoring and control of commercial and industrial assets. From materials processing and agricultural management to building automation and food production, the value of remotely monitoring assets has demonstrated a reduction in downtime, an increase in productivity and reduced costs. Creating M2M solutions for such a diverse set of industries requires flexibility to think out of the box and a network designed specifically for machines.

Aeris Can Deliver

Aeris has the flexibility and expertise to provide innovative M2M connectivity for your applications. A partnership with Aeris can help you differentiate, stay on top of technology investment, and provide high-value to your customers. When it comes to reliability, no cellular carrier can top the Aeris network to ensure your critical data is available when you need it.

Remote Monitoring & Control Challenges The Aeris Edge
Wide range of remote monitoring and control applications, all requiring customized design to meet the needs of each industry. Aeris has supported hundreds of different M2M solutions and knows the best in class approach, right for you.
Many commercial and industrial applications require 24/7/365 connectivity for mission-critical data transfer. Aeris offers the highest level of reliability for mission-critical communications and an unmatchable depth of coverage regardless of machine location.
Cost of airtime can greatly impact their business profitability and most carriers don’t provide plans that meets the customer’s business model. Aeris provides a custom crafted cost structure that meets your business model requirements.
Unclear what technology (2G, 3G, or 4G) is right for the solution and how long will that technology be supported. Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology and can be your unbiased partner in determining which one is right for your solution, based on cost, application requirements and longevity.