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Why MVNOs and Carriers Aren’t Right for Your M2M Application
Read this paper to learn the 3 different types of companies that can connect your cellular M2M devices: mobile/cellular carriers, MVNOs and Aeris.

M2M Solutions for Point-of-Sale Companies

M2M applications are transforming the way merchants do business. From taxi cabs to storefronts, more and more companies are seeing the value of connectivity at the point of sale. Success with a POS deployment requires a reliable connection for hassle-free transactions and strong security for customer privacy, all while keeping costs down.

Aeris Can Deliver

The Aeris network was made for machines and the reliability that machines demand. Aeris provides the most secure connectivity in the industry, with a network that is completely firewalled off from the public internet and phone networks.

Point-of-Sale Company Challenges The Aeris Edge
Reliable M2M coverage anytime, anywhere–especially in areas with high consumer traffic. A seamless footprint of multiple cellular carrier towers available to the device.
Cost of connectivity accounts for a major portion of operating budgets, impacting business profitability and growth, and reducing market impact. Aeris creates custom rate plans to meet any particular business model, and can recommend methods to optimize the transmission of data over the network, reducing costs.
Use of outdated technology, such as phone lines, and a dependence on traditional dial-up technology. Aeris provides wired reliability in the wireless world, simplifying roll-outs and improving the customer experience.
Credit card transactions need to be transmitted securely and maintain PCI compliance. Reliability and security are assured because all access points are completely firewalled and only M2M traffic traverses the Aeris network.