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Why MVNOs and Carriers Aren’t Right for Your M2M Application
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M2M Smart Grid Solutions for Utility Applications

M2M connectivity is playing a key role in monitoring and control across a wide range of applications including the smart grid, automated meter reading, and demand response programs. Utility applications depend on the highest level of reliability in order to generate a return on investment and increased customer satisfaction.

Aeris Can Deliver

Aeris provides the depth of coverage through multiple carriers, increased reliability with a network made for machines and complete security that utilities demand in their solutions. Aeris can help optimize your solution to meet the coverage, performance and reliability requirements to succeed in this market.

Utility Company Challenges The Aeris Edge
The need for reliable connectivity everywhere and at any time. Meters must work when they are deployed, throughout the utility’s footprint. Aeris seamlessly provides a combined footprint of multiple carriers, delivering a breadth and depth of coverage unmatched by any other M2M service provider or single carrier.
The high cost of cellular connectivity and hardware has a negative effect on service profitability. Aeris will work with you to develop a customized rate plan that maximizes the reliability and cost effectiveness of your utility business model.
Connectivity has to be reliable when there is an emergency; for example, in the event of an earthquake. Solutions have to work when you need it. With multiple carriers available, Aeris can optimize your solution to automatically route to a different cellular tower in the event a primary tower is unavailable.
Unclear which technology (2G, 3G, or 4G) should be deployed and how long it will be supported. Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology and can be your unbiased partner in determining which one is right for your solution, based on cost, application requirements, and longevity.