Marketing Intern 2014

International Relations, African Studies, International Development

University of Pennsylvania

Why did you decide to intern for Aeris?

I decided to intern for Aeris because I really wanted to learn about several departments of a business, as well as what the culture would be like in a start up in the Silicon Valley. After I heard about what the internship program had to offer, I was sold.

Describe your favorite project.

I was asked to critique our current Careers/ Internship web page and present my recommendations of improvement before the entire website’s re-launch. I got to not only present my ideas, but implement them by adding creative visuals for the web page. I led the filming, editing, and directing of a Careers video as well as the creation of wire image mockups of what I wanted the careers page to look like. It was a great experience!

What did you gain from your experience?

Before this internship, I had little perspective on what marketing was like in a business setting. After Aeris, I can say that I understand several elements of marketing: SEO, social media, community, content writing, vertical targeting. I loved that I was able learn about other projects as well as take on new ones.

What is your favorite internship memory?

My favorite memory is going to watch the Bank of the West Classic finals between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber with my Marketing Manager and another intern.

How are you connected with the people at Aeris (what do you have in common with one or any of your colleagues/fellow interns?)

My marketing manager and I both discovered our love for photography and tennis!