Finance Intern 2014

Economics / Islamic Studies

Santa Clara University

Describe your favorite project.

As a finance intern, my favorite project was conducting a break-even analysis for our SIM card fulfillment processes. The main goal of this project was to determine what method of fulfillment would be the most cost effective for the company. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the finance department in learning how to create clear and concise financial models, as well as the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of financial processes.

What did you gain from your experience?

I learned how to carry myself in a professional manner and was treated like an actual employee of the company. The projects that were given to me were incredibly fulfilling and empowering. The intern program at Aeris really makes you feel like you are making positive changes to the company’s short and long term goals.

What is your favorite internship memory?

My favorite memory was our first intern event at K1 racing.

How are you connected with the people at Aeris (what do you have in common with one or any of your colleagues/fellow interns?)

Some of the interns go to Santa Clara University as well so it was very easy to connect with them.