Introduction to Wireless IP
This whitepaper reviews the difference between wireless and wired M2M solutions, reducing costs, protocols and security.
Are your machines happy?
Read our “Machine Bill of Rights” industry brief. It outlines everything machines need in order to perform optimally.

M2M Solutions for Enterprises

Your business demands operational efficiency and optimal performance to keep costs down and customers satisfied. Whether you build cars, medical devices or smart meters, you need optimized M2M connectivity for market-leading performance and mission-critical reliability at a price that fits your business model. Large companies like Honda, Hyundai and Bosch have chosen Aeris because we provide the optimized connectivity, operational tools, and support that help drive their business. Find out what we can do for you today.

M2M Solutions for Operators

The wireless communications business is highly competitive, requiring quality of service while maximizing revenue. Finding a new business opportunity with minimal investment and no impact on the consumer business is rare. Implementing M2M services is one of those rare opportunities, but to be successful, you need a partner with a unique edge – an independent network built from the ground up exclusively for machines. Aeris provides a complete M2M solution for carriers including an M2M core network, billing platform, device management platform and portal.

  • Flexibility

    Only Aeris provides the flexibility your business needs to succeed. Whether it is creating network infrastructure or customizing cost structures, our focus is to solve your unique technical and business requirements.

  • Reliability

    The Aeris network carries only M2M traffic, seamlessly integrating a footprint of multiple carriers to provide you with the most predictable, reliable, and secure M2M connectivity available.

  • Control

    AerPort and its APIs raise the bar in device management and diagnostics. With real-time access into Aeris’ carrier network, you have immediate control of your devices to more effectively manage your machines, lower costs, and ensure mission-critical communications.

  • Support

    Aeris does not use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Working in close partnership, Aeris professional services and 24/7/365 customer support from dedicated experts in M2M will assist you throughout the entire process from development and certification to testing and deployment.