Manage the Lifecycle of Your M2M Application
This 5 minute video reviews each step for deploying a M2M application that will cost less to manufacture and operate, regardless of the length of its lifespan.
Video Lowering the TCO of M2M
From device certification to planning for device end-of-life, this Aeris video will describe how to lower the total cost of ownership for your M2M application.
We Want to Help!
M2M is a complicated endeavor. Whether you are just getting started with M2M or have specific questions about your application, we want to help. Contact an Aeris M2M expert.



How to Make Money Using Application Enablement Platforms in M2M & IOT

This report shows how AerCloud, Aeris’s M2M application enablement platform, gives businesses unprecedented access high-value information they are using for strategic advantage.

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Astute Delivers Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions with Aeris

Aeris provided Astute with a solution that could guarantee a remote connection that was not only reliable and secure, but also capable of handling the demands of healthcare data.

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GTX Corp Improves GPS Tracking with Aeris

Aeris provided GTX with a GSM cellular solution with reliable connectivity from many different operators to ensure its customers always had the strongest signal.

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Superlative Support to Farmers with “Always-On” Service to Tractor Equipment

Aeris’ solutions enabled Leica to improve their customer service and overall level of efficiency. With a predictable and reliable network, Leica is always in touch with their devices even in the country’s most remote areas.

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Reliable Cellular Coverage from Factory to Farm

Aeris delivers flexibility and cost-saving solutions to Novariant by creating a custom billing plan that makes their devices and its universal coverage affordable for their customers.

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Delivering Unparalleled Service and Reliability Everywhere on the Road

Aeris provides PeopleNet with a solution that ensures and enables constant communication between their trucks and application. With our solution, PeopleNet has increased their reliability and reduced the latency of their vehicles.

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SimplyHome Connects to In-Home Healthcare with Aeris

See how Aeris helped SimplyHome significantly improve the company’s competitive advantage and grow market share.

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