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“Aeris is a valuable and reliable partner and M2M solution provider for us and we look forward to a continued long lasting relationship.”

Patrick Bertagna
Chairman and CEO

GTX’s Goal: Empower a New Era of Personal Location Services and Wearable Technology

When Pete Campbell’s mother Shirley disappeared from his home one Sunday morning, he was frantic. Shirley Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years before and she had taken to wandering away from the house. When Shirley got lost last month it took more than 14 hours and police involvement to bring her home. After that scare, Pete bought his mother GPS Smart Shoes from GTX. Shirley Campbell now has a tracking device in her shoe. On this Sunday, Pete was able to open the GTX app on his iPhone and identify his mother’s location immediately. He jumped in the car and picked her up 6 blocks away, before she even had a chance to become frightened. During a moment as critical as this, customers require a reliable cellular connection and technology for their safety. GTX, using Aeris Communications connectivity, delivers.

GTX Corp, a personal location-based services and GPS tracking company sells miniaturized GPS cellular devices that enable its customers to track people, pets, vehicles and high value assets in real-time. They make GPS tracking devices that can be used in everything from phones to shoes. The people and possessions that the GTX platform tracks is precious to them, so the company has built its business around the idea of reliability and “peace of mind.”

The Problem: Unreliable Connectivity Can Threaten The Brand

Anyone who owns a cell phone knows about dropped signals and calls. Particularly when phones are in motion, they move in and out of strong signals from their carrier. An unreliable cellular signal is annoying for consumers, but for GTX, an unreliable signal puts people in jeopardy and possessions at risk. It violates the very ethos of the GTX promise to its customers.

GTX needed a GSM solution that could ensure that its devices always had the strongest signal. In other words, it didn’t need one carrier, it needed ALL of them. The company also needed a way to immediately identify and fix problems on the rare occasion when they did occur.

With traditional operators, GTX did not always have the most reliable customer service, “We feel comfortable with Aeris because of the high level of support,” said Patrick Bertagna, Chairman and CEO of GTX Corp. “We didn’t get lost in the shuffle of a Fortune 100 company.”

The Solution: A Business Partner That Takes Reliability as Seriously as GTX

GTX needed a GSM cellular provider that was reliable. They needed a reliable connection. They needed reliable pricing. And they needed a reliable method for troubleshooting issues quickly. GTX chose Aeris because the company felt as strongly about reliability as they did:

  • Aeris provides connectivity not only via its own network, but also from many different operators to ensure that GTX customers always have the strongest cellular signal no matter how remote their location.
  • The Aeris management portal called AerPort, gives GTX the ability to immediately identify the source of trouble – be it device or network – and remedy it immediately from remote locations. Aeris is in fact the only M2M solution provider that uses innovative “crowd-sourcing” to show the real-time performance of devices in any given geographical area.
  • Aeris’ easy-to-integrate API’s allow GTX’s devices to work right out of the box. The customer can just turn on the device and it will work immediately.
  • Aeris’ unique pricing plan gives GTX a competitive pricing option for its customers and a cost advantage over its competitors.

The Results: A Better Service at a Better Price, Plus A Competitive Advantage

GTX and Aeris work collaboratively to provide exceptional service to the GTX end users and business customers. Using the Aeris network:

  1. GTX can promise its customers the most reliable tracking available today.
  2. GTX reduced operational costs by eliminating complicated installation and troubleshooting processes.
  3. GTX was able to offer customers the most attractive price, which increased their competitive advantage.

About GTX Corp (GTXO)

A pioneer in wearable technology and a leader in 2 way GPS real-time personal location based services. Known for its game-changing and award-winning patented GPS Smart Shoe, its block buster Smartphone GPS Tracking App, and GPS SmartSole, GTX offers a robust enterprise GPS and cellular location platform that provides real-time tracking of the whereabouts of people, pets, vehicles and high valued assets.

Answering the “where is” question through a licensing business model and providing a complete end to end solution of hardware, middleware, apps, connectivity and professional services. GTX let’s you know where or how someone or something is at the touch of a button, GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Incwhich develops applications for smart phones and tablets and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has an aggressive intellectual property strategy and owns an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trade marks, copy rights and URL’s.

About Aeris Communications

Aeris is a pioneer and leader of the Internet of Things – as a provider of end-to-end M2M services and as a technology provider enabling other operators to deliver profitable M2M services. Our customers are among the most demanding users of M2M services today, and we strive to fundamentally improve their businesses – by dramatically reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Visit to learn how we can inspire you to create new business models and to participate in the revolution of the Internet of Things.