“Aeris and PeopleNet are great partners, because we both focus on the same thing: Quality of Service. Aeris is not just a carrier, but a true partner that enhances our offering.”

John Binder
Director of Wireless Operations, PeopleNet

PeopleNet, a leading onboard computing and carrier fleet communications provider, sought to deliver an unmatched level of product and network reliability to its 1,500+ fleet customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Problem: Improve Reliability of Service

PeopleNet has been delivering innovative fleet management products and services to the trucking industry for nearly 20 years and has a reputation for providing the highest value solutions in the market. In the years prior to partnering with Aeris Communications, the company struggled when working with traditional cellular carriers to get the flexibility and optimization necessary to maintain its industry-leading quality of service and network reliability.

For example, PeopleNet wanted to make sure that all of its customers’ trucks are in constant communication with its application. At the start of the day, a driver’s electronic log must be complete and ready to go. When loads are dropped off at a warehouse, the electronic invoicing and shipping documents need to be reported immediately. When a truck is diverted for any reason, the interaction between driver and company must also be instantaneous.

The Solution: Optimizing PeopleNet’s Cellular Connectivity

Since Aeris developed, owns and operates its own network infrastructure, it is able to optimize the performance of any customer application. In the case of PeopleNet, Aeris was able to support PeopleNet’s unique requirements in several ways:

  1. Aeris was able to provide PeopleNet with connectivity to any carrier cellular tower, thereby nearly eliminating coverage gaps. PeopleNet-powered trucks are always connected.
  2. Aeris provided a cost effective methodology for data transmission called “shoulder tapping.”
  3. Aeris developed a unique implementation of an “always on” solution that segments PeopleNet’s customers to have a low latency, always-on data session.

The Results: Increase in Customer Units Deployed

Working with Aeris to create a higher performing solution, PeopleNet has grown its business. This growth is a direct result of Aeris enhancements, which have increased PeopleNet’s reliability, reduced the latency of their vehicles, and provided an “always on” solution.

About PeopleNet

Founded in 1994, PeopleNet is an onboard computing and carrier fleet communications provider—and one of the industry’s leading innovators. With U.S. offices headquartered in Minnesota, PeopleNet serves the needs of carrier fleets throughout North America with an open system, robust applications and incredibly sharp people. PeopleNet is part of Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) International’s Transportation and Logistics division.

Since the company’s founding, PeopleNet has focused all of our energies on developing the best possible solutions for effective carrier fleet management—and customizing those solutions to meet the needs of our customers. PeopleNet’s commitment to innovation and our customer-centric focus have made us a leading provider of onboard computing and mobile communications systems for long-haul fleets, with a performance track record that’s second to none.

About Aeris Communications

Aeris Communications owns and operates the largest North American cellular network designed exclusively for machines. This enables Aeris Communications to deliver the reliability, flexibility, control, and efficiencies that machines demand. From telematics to medical devices to remote machines, Aeris’ customers enjoy solutions tuned for high performance and mission-critical reliability.

Aeris Communications is more than just a network provider. We encourage our customers to use machine-to-machine technology in unique and innovative ways. We make it our mission to understand our customers’ present and future goals in order to deliver intelligent, M2M solutions.

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