5 Things Traditional Carriers Don’t Want You to Know about M2M
The traditional carriers would rather you not know that there are alternatives for everything from M2M pricing to troubleshooting that can be customized for your business.
Managing the Lifecycle of Your M2M Application
This 5 minute video reviews each step for deploying a M2M application that will cost less to manufacture and operate, regardless of the length of its lifespan.

Aeris Network Coverage

The Aeris Network has been designed to ensure consistent performance throughout our complete North American service area, with not only a complete coverage footprint, but also a depth of coverage to provide multiple carrier options for connectivity.

CDMA Data Coverage Map

With access to over 50 North American CDMA carriers, Aeris provides ubiquitous coverage to your devices with an unmatched depth of coverage to ensure you can send and receive data when you
need to.

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GSM Data Coverage Map

With our T-Mobile partnership, you can access GSM coverage when you need it.

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