AerCloud for Connected World’s M2M App Challenge

Aeris Communications is sponsoring Connected World’s M2M App Challenge 2013 June 7-9. Registration and participation is free and available as individuals or in teams. The M2M App Challenge is a chance for developers and coders from all around the globe to spark innovation through the use of technology – and win cash!

Participating in the challenge? Develop with AerCloud, a new application engine for developers to quickly build M2M and IoT applications. AerCloud provides application middleware services to quickly build highly scalable and reliable M2M/IoT applications on top of any connectivity (cellular, wifi, satellite, and more). Optimized for the Internet of Things, AerCloud is built to simplify the development of IoT applications while offering the best performance at the lowest cost. AerCloud is a single platform that scales from prototype to production, with services that span from the device to the data center.

Why develop with AerCloud?

AerCloud has simplified the development of M2M and IoT applications. With AerCloud, developers can build an app in as little as 30 minutes. Since APIs are built on REST, developers can use their browser to access URIs and URLs. Any HTTP client in any programming language can be used to interact with AerCloud’s APIs. If you do not use HTTP, Aeris will create a protocol broker to work with any of your devices to make your coding easier. For speed in accessing and analyzing large data sets, AerCloud’s storage is built using the latest big-data technologies for near real-time event processing and ad-hoc analytics.

When will AerCloud be available?

AerCloud will officially launch May 20th at CTIA where we will also be announcing hardware and system integrator ecosystem partners. However, AerCloud is available for developers TODAY.

Interested in competing in the Connected World 2013 M2M App Challenge?

Contact us to start developing on AerCloud.