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Investing in an IoT Solution: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO

IDC analyst Carrie MacGillivray shares how to prepare and manage a M2M or IoT program in order to best control costs. Ms. MacGillivray will review the IDC workbook entitled “Investing in IoT Solutions: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO” and answer questions on everything from data usage costs and troubleshooting to organizational planning issues.

Investing in an Internet of Things Solution: Asking the Right Questions to Minimize TCO

An M2M / IoT device maker with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can gain significant cost advantages over time. This report by the industry research and analysis firm, IDC, offers a checklist to help M2M businesses judge the TCO of competing services on an equal level, beyond initial connectivity pricing, to achieve maximum cost savings. The IDC checklist covers key cost differentiators, including data usage, troubleshooting and lifecycle changes.

Leica Delivers Superlative Support to Farmers with Always-On Service to Tractor Equipment

Traditional cellular service generally does not meet the demands of rural area farmers. To be maximally productive, farmers need always-on service for their farming machinery. To that end, they need a cellular network dedicated to machine-to-machine communications.

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Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Successful IoT Deployments

The IoT continues to stand as a huge opportunity across the telecom and technology spectrum. The notion of connecting monitors, machines and other objects to a network, granting them some level of intelligence, could well revolutionize industry sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing. Here are five key insights from IoT subject matter experts to help you understand the power of IoT.


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Aeris IoT Services: Delivering Unparalleled Service and Reliability to Trucking Fleets

On-board fleet tracking solutions require highly reliable, real-time, always-on cellular network connectivity, which may require multiple carriers. Learn how Aeris developed a unique solution that segmented PeopleNet’s customers with a low-latency, always-on data session.

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Aeris’ Expertise in IoT Empowers Mevia to Improve Medical Adherence and Deliver Real-Time Feedback

Mevia provides intelligent solutions to improve the quality of medical treatments. Missed medication and medical adherence is a huge challenge globally for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike. The goal, therefore, is to improve medical adherence and deliver actionable feedback using real-time intelligence. Connected IoT healthcare devices can improve the quality of medical treatments significantly.

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Last revised June 1, 2018 Privacy is important to all of us at Aeris, and you should know what personal information we collect and how we use, store…

Are You Aeris?

At Aeris, we do things differently. We view diverse perspectives as a core competitive advantage. We assist companies that understand the power and social impact created by technology’s innovations. We participate in projects that help the advancement of basic human requirements, such clean water, food security, or energy needs. Watch our video to see why Aeris is the place to be for work, for culture, for success.

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TrackerSense Uses IoT / M2M Technology to Track Valuable Items in Real-Time, Worldwide

To bring complete peace of mind to organizations and individuals, tracking a package at every step of its journey, in real time, becomes a business-critical requirement.

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