Angela Moon

Angela Moon

Engineering Cloud Infrastructure Intern


Where are you from?

Mukilteo, WA.

What do you study and where?

I study Computer Science at Duke University.

Favorite Aeris project that you have worked on?

My favorite Aeris project was working closely with the DevOps engineers to integrate Kubernetes — a container orchestration system — into a development environment. This task was both exciting and allowed me to play with technology that I had never been exposed to before.

Favorite experience with the interns?

The Santa Cruz day trip was the most memorable experience with the other interns. The day was super fun and helped us bond closer than we had at the office.

What have you gained from the internship?

From a professional standpoint, the Aeris internship has given me both industry-standard technical skills, and the soft-skills necessary to succeed in this industry. I feel that I have become more independent, more organized, and a better software engineer because of this internship.

What advice would you give someone considering an Aeris internship?

Aeris’ internship program combines the best aspects of interning at either a giant or startup company. I felt guided throughout my time here, but the start-up environment also drove me to always improve my work and myself.

What is your most unforgettable memory at Aeris?

The most unforgettable memory of mine at Aeris was working with my manager. I felt that he deeply cared about integrating and optimizing my work, while also caring that I thrive as an intern in this fast-paced environment.

What is your favorite part about working at Aeris?

My favorite part about working at Aeris is the office culture. People are dedicated, motivated, and care deeply about their work and the success of the company. It’s also worth mentioning that the free food at the office was amazing!

What made you choose Aeris?

Ultimately, I chose Aeris because I wanted a workplace that would provide me with the freedom to grow and the guidance to develop my technical skills as an engineer. I feel that Aeris has gone above and beyond in doing so, and I am so thankful for their time and effort this summer.

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