Armando Gonzalez

Armando Gonzalez

Sales Intern


Where are you from?

Nazareth, PA.

What do you study and where?

Business Management with a Concentration in Marketing, Minor in Spanish and Graphic Design at Moravian College.

Favorite Aeris project that you have worked on?

The competitive analysis for the sales department where we helped create “Battle Cards” and social media trends for the sales and marketing departments.

Favorite experience with the interns?

Exploring the city of Chicago and making unforgettable memories with people who started out as complete strangers in the beginning of the summer.

What have you gained from the internship?

Not only was the learning opportunity great for what the tech and IoT space is like, but Aeris also has an incredible network of coworkers and peers who want to see the best in you and help you succeed in the future.

What advice would you give someone considering an Aeris internship?

This is a great experience not just for students wanting to be involved in IoT, but looking for a great opportunity to do work with a purpose that can leave a lasting impression on the company. Moreover, this internship will help you find out what interests you in the business world and what it’s like working in a start-up environment.

What is your most unforgettable memory at Aeris?

When all the Chicago interns had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO, Marc Jones. The insight and advice he had to offer from his experiences in life were priceless.

What is your favorite part about working at Aeris?

Aeris has a close-knit family atmosphere. Even outside of the department you are in, everyone is extremely approachable and willing to help in whatever way they can.

What made you choose Aeris?

The focus on the learning experience is what really caught my eye and became the deciding factor. Rather than stressing out and trying to compete against other interns, the goal was for me to learn and make the most of my time at Aeris. This allowed for me to improve my skills and perform at my highest potential.

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