Lesly Servin

Lesly Servin

Marketing Intern


Where are you from?

Atlanta, GA

What do you study and where?

I am pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a New Media Certificate from The University of Georgia.

Favorite Aeris project that you have worked on?

My favorite project has been working on The Global Cold Chain Expo. This year was Aeris’ first time exhibiting at the event and I had the opportunity to plan the logistics behind our contribution to the Expo. I was able to work with every member in the Marketing team and handled tasks varying from negotiating contracts, selecting the Aeris assets to be advertised during the event, and creating marketing emails to taking the lead on our social media promotion, lead retrieval for the sales team, and even selecting our booth furniture and shipping. I learned a lot about project management, campaign strategy and development, and digital marketing from this experience. It was very gratifying seeing my work come to life.

Favorite experience with the interns?

Going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was a lot of fun! It was awesome, to say the least, getting to know all of the interns. It was a great bonding experience!

What have you gained from the internship?

Working at Aeris has taught me a lot about project management, campaign strategy and development, and digital marketing. I learned a lot of new skills while strengthening the ones I already had. I gained a very valuable experience and even more valuable connections.

What advice would you give someone considering an Aeris internship?

Network! Reach out to interns from previous years and/or contact current employees, you’d be surprised how many people want to help you.

What is your most unforgettable memory at Aeris?

The World Cup was this summer! Woohoo! Soccer is my favorite sport! My favorite memory has been watching the matches with everyone in the office. It was great to see people from all of the departments take a break from their day and gather in the common room to watch the games projected onto the wall. Everyone would get very excited and in a World Cup mood that we would play foosball afterwards!

What is your favorite part about working at Aeris?

Making connections and being surrounded by awesome people that want to help you learn and grow and want to see you succeed.

What made you choose Aeris?

Part of Aeris’ mission is to help their customers succeed with market leading solutions and to have fun while doing it! My beliefs and goals go hand in hand with what Aeris does. Through this internship program, Aeris aims to increase diversity by highlighting talented students from underrepresented populations. As a Latina and first-generation college student, diversifying the work place is very important to me, especially in technology and business, which historically has been very uniform. This was a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge and leadership skills to real life situations in the industry. This internship has allowed me to grow as a professional as I learn, and experience knew things in various sectors.

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