Micah Evangelista


Micah Evangelista

Engineering Project Management Intern


Where are you from?

Crete, IL

What do you study and where?

Computer Science at Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

Favorite Aeris project that you have worked on?

My favorite Aeris project is my current project working with autonomous machines! I also like handling the weekly summary reports because it gives me a chance to bug all the interns to do them!

Favorite experience with the interns?

Going on all the rides when we went to Santa Cruz together and creating family member titles with each other! Schedule 2 interns really spiced things up and patched everything together!

What have you gained from the internship?

I’ve gained so much insight on what it’s like to work in a corporate software company. I learned the process of managing projects well and balancing multiple projects all at once — all thanks to one of my managers, Siwei, for challenging me. I also learned so much about IoT and how it can really impact the world. It’s not just self-driving cars or smart fridges. There’s so much more to it, and there’s a process for a technology to be part of IoT.

What advice would you give someone considering an Aeris internship?

I think the most valuable piece of advice I could give someone would be to take ownership of whatever you’re working on. Aeris is a company that really develops you into a hands-on learner. This isn’t just an internship where you just do whatever someone tells you to do, and that’s it. Everyone really emphasizes looking at the bigger picture on why you’re doing this piece of the puzzle they’re trying to put together. Everyone here is passionate about what they’re doing and take ownership of the tasks they are fulfilling and as an intern, that doesn’t make you any different. Taking ownership of even the smallest tasks will guarantee you to find passion in almost all you do.

What is your most unforgettable memory at Aeris?

My most unforgettable memory at Aeris is the Santa Cruz trip. Everything about it just screamed community and all of us working together. It was also a great chance for all the interns to get to know each other outside of work life, and to really bond in a way we never did. Which ultimately led to teamwork at work after this trip.

What is your favorite part about working at Aeris?

2 things: Community & Ownership. As I mentioned, Aeris is a company that really challenges you to put your best foot forward and get the most out of being here—thus the ownership. And community from everyone around you, always so willing to help you out and give you the best learning experience possible.

My favorite part is also getting to know the people who work here! I bond with my manager John Nguyen over food (he inspired me to create a food Instagram), and really look up to my other manager Siwei Tang for being such an amazing role model (she inspired me to be confident and collected)!

What made you choose Aeris?

I chose Aeris to learn more about the IoT atmosphere and how it will impact technology in the years to come. I wanted to see the growth and how real companies are using this technology to better the world around them. Social Impact is huge at Aeris, and everything we do here really helps other people and I wanted to see and work with that first hand.

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