Channel Package

Simplify your business operations with a
one-platform solution across multiple distributors
and end customers.


Untangle Distribution Complexities

Managing connectivity through distribution channels can be very difficult. The challenges are multi-fold and can include: large deployments with complex supply chains, lack of visibility and control at the distributor level, and limited ability to influence end users.

The Aeris Distribution Channel Package addresses these issues and simplifies a complex, business-critical function. It does so by creating an organized and secure connectivity management environment for distribution channels, resulting in an optimized supply chain, easing scalability, and reducing operational costs for OEMs.

Top-Down Control

The Aeris solution consolidates multiple aspects of an IoT deployment onto a single, flexible platform, with top-to-bottom, multi-tiered account hierarchy and management capabilities. It enables solving complex billing and support issues while reducing the overall complexity of an IoT deployment.

This hierarchical solution helps in the provisioning and maintenance of all devices from different carriers, which enables maximum efficiency, saves time and human effort, and lowers operational costs.

Embedded Value

Supply chain optimization: Enable OEMs to activate, test, and ensure correct device performance before sending devices to distributors―while Aeris SIM assignment / re-assignment capabilities help simplify the operational complexities of managing SIM assignments to distributor accounts.

Operational costs: Streamline visibility into distributor accounts and end devices, thereby enabling OEMs to discover and resolve issues faster.

Billing operations: Specific billing reports based on usage at your distributors. No manual calculations. Aeris billing allows distributors to pay for connectivity for their own devices while providing OEM access at the distributor account level, thereby maintaining support and troubleshooting capabilities.

Distributors, Billing,
and an Easier Solution

Billing requirements, cascading down from OEMs to distributors to customers, require flexibility and multiple account levels (retailer, reseller, etc.), with defined user roles and management, as well as visibility and control of each level. And when dealing with numerous companies and customers, a platform that could provide seamless API and third-party integration is essential. As companies grow and expand, they do not want or need to deal with many disparate vendors and their platforms for connectivity services.

Complete Billing Visibility and Control

User roles and management.
Rate plans and reports management.
SIM order and assignment management.

Account Management

Segment connectivity billing with distinct reseller and retailer tiers.


The Aeris Way

To address the IoT needs of OEMs, the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP) provides the oversight and cost controls needed for any deployment. Functionality includes multi-tiered account access and control―from project onset through device lifecycle. Additionally, the ability to use multiple carriers, with differing technologies, is one of the platform’s differentiators. Support issues can be shifted downstream to distributors, who are closer and more in-tune with end customers. And as for security, Aeris provides network segmentation, with data never entering public networks, meaning that data is safe and secure for the entire IoT journey.

The Power of ACP

Powering the Distribution Channel Package, ACP provides insights and control throughout the entire IoT deployment lifecycle, including:

Aeris enables you to manage IoT deployments, including billing, security, and support, across multiple distributors and end customers, across multiple carriers and technologies.