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Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Connectivity Management

Expand Your Reach with Multiple Carriers

Simplify multiple-carrier connectivity management. With Aeris, you can streamline cellular operations, control and manage cellular costs, and enhance troubleshooting capabilities―all on a single platform. Our unique capability allows you to simply bring your existing carrier relationships onto the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP).

Bringing Simplicity to IoT

Today, mobile and cellular technology can do more than just provide phone service. However, not all networks are built to handle the demands of IoT / M2M or provide the best coverage in all areas.

ACP is a single platform that can seamlessly manage current and future deployed devices, regardless of technology or carrier provider. This flexible and modular platform allows customers to reduce the operational complexities of a multi-carrier deployment by enabling the management of cellular devices alongside Aeris domestic and global deployments.

Customizable Plans

With Aeris, you won’t be forced into a traditional “one size fits all” plan. We work with you to customize coverage to your needs.

No Interruption in Service

If our network doesn’t reach a spot and another carrier does, we provide the strongest signal from the nearest tower so no gaps in coverage.

Flexible Services

Since Aeris operates the underlying network infrastructure, it’s possible to make rapid modifications to meet your ever-changing requirements.

Issue Detection

Aeris uses predictive models and combines device network behavior and traffic in a way that can pinpoint problematic devices.

Real-Time Reporting

Aeris provides real-time machine performance reports and daily cost summaries. This helps you control costs and make better decisions.

Expert Support

Our IoT experts can help you to plan, create, deploy, and manage your program―so you can take advantage of the full capabilities of IoT.


One Platform, One Interface, Global Connection

With a single platform and a single management interface for all devices from any carrier, the Aeris Connectivity Platform is architected to adapt to the rapid change of technology while simplifying the complexity of managing multiple connectivity relationships.

Get Solutions, Not Just Connectivity

Aeris connectivity solutions are distinctly different from traditional carrier and MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) services. Instead of just selling connectivity, we provide solutions. Aeris owns and operates the largest North American cellular network built from the ground up exclusively for machines, and we’re expanding around the globe. Our solutions include both the network services and the tools you need for demanding, mission-critical IoT communications.

With Aeris, you’ll get the connectivity, capability, and support you need for a successful IoT program.

Advantages of Aeris Multi-Carrier Connectivity

Manage All Devices From One Place

ACP gives you a unified view, as well as multi-tiered management of all your devices. This hierarchical solution lets you provision and maintain all devices from different carriers.

Get Maximum Efficiency

ACP, with its easy multi-carrier management, enables maximum efficiency for your company. It saves time and human effort and lowers operational costs.

Get Global Connections

With Aeris’ multiple carrier management capabilities, you can maintain a strong cellular connection, no matter where your devices are located.

Get Regional Autonomy

Different regions may have different rules, currency, compliance, etc. Aeris’ capsule-based architecture makes it quick, easy, and safe to deploy, modify, or remove device anywhere.

Minimize Expenses

Aeris offers a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow model so you can minimize your upfront expenses without hampering future growth. Get a lower total cost of ownership with reduced rate plans.

Get Alerts and Reports

With Aeris, you’ll gain the ability to ensure optimum performance with a wide range of pre-defined or option-driven system alerts and reports.

Get Consistent Support

Instead of dealing with fragmented support across different carriers, with Aeris, you’ll have fast and efficient support available to help you with any device or connectivity problem.

Aeris has been in the business long enough to know that technologies come and go. To offset this, Aeris always is ready to incorporate new technologies that hit the market.

Carrier-Agnostic Solutions

Managing devices across carriers is a concept that is unique to the Aeris Connectivity Platform. By implementing this multi-carrier concept, Aeris gives you greater control over your devices, deployments, usage, and billing, and also prevents carrier lock-in.

  • Visibility and Control

    Instead of struggling to manage devices under multiple different carriers, with ACP, you get a single interface and a single set of APIs for all carriers and all technologies. Your existing and new devices will be visible on one platform, and you can manage and control the entire device lifecycle. You also will get the advantage of simplified support processes, saving time and effort.

  • Complete Insight

    With ACP, you can scale up and gain nationwide or global coverage while making it even easier to get complete insight into your operations. Aeris’ holistic reporting and analytics provide complete insight into the entire deployment, no matter how large.

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Scalability

    Experience an overall reduction in operational complexities and costs. Even though larger traditional carriers offer low connectivity costs, the TCO often is higher because their services are not optimized with IoT needs in mind. With simple on-boarding and excellent support, Aeris solutions are the best fit for IoT applications. You gain the ability to manage costs and scale up in the future as your business grows.

  • Remain Flexible

    Aeris is unmatched in its ability to offer multiple rate plans, customized billing, and support that is tailored to your needs, with solutions that match your business requirements. This flexibility has allowed many of our customers to start or stay in business. It also gives you the power to fundamentally change your business models while maintaining a reliable, secure connection for all your IoT devices.

More Than Just a Network

At Aeris, we partner with companies that have mission-critical IoT applications for which they need consultation, network connectivity, application tools, and support. As IoT experts, we have an advantage over carriers whose main business is consumer devices. We are focused on our customers and provide the tools and support that are customized for the Internet of Things. As more than just a network, we’re inspiring companies to change the way they use IoT communications.