Media Coverage From Ice Cream to Organs

The Internet of Things (IoT) is typically associated with smart homes or vehicles. One compelling, and perhaps lesser known, use case is asset tracking. IoT can enable items to be tracked anywhere, any place, at any time. It can also provide information on the item’s state and environment, including the level of humidity or light exposure, or evidence of tampering. Mohsen Mohseninia, VP of Market Development, Europe at Aeris, and Richard Jennings, CEO and co-founder at TrackerSense, demonstrate the scope of IoT asset tracking with five unusual use cases.

Media Coverage Seamless connectivity helps telematics transform much more than vehicle insurance

Mohsen Mohseninia, VP of Market Development, Aeris, explains how usage-based pricing has enabled its partner Redtail Telematics to tap into new markets. Telematics is transforming the transport industry. Track and trace capabilities have made it possible for fleet managers to keep track of their vehicles, insurers to offer their customers a range of usage-based insurance […]

Media Coverage India is warming up to the concept of electric vehicles adoption

By 2030, electrification could lead to electric vehicles holding a substantial share (up to 50 percent of new vehicle sales in a breakthrough scenario) of the global automobile sector Electrification of vehicles and shared mobility are the need of the hour with the ongoing issues of traffic congestion and pollution that has serious implications on […]

Media Coverage On-Board Connectivity Should Be as Expected as Windscreen Wipers, Says Aeris

Connected car services will become increasingly important to consumers as carmakers install more features into new cars. That’s the opinion of Mohsen Mohseninia vice-president market development of Aeris an IoT technology consultancy. Speaking to TU-Automotive, Mohseninia told us that connected car technology is changing. He explained: “There are two types of connected vehicles. One, the […]

Media Coverage Auto Insurance: Disruptive technology brings changes in the sector

To reduce claim settlement time, automotive insurance customers now are empowered to self-settle the claims by documenting the damage and filing for claims through smart devices The automotive insurance industry is being disrupted continuously by technology. The physical sales-oriented industry has fast-tracked to digital-only channels and now, with the introduction of Internet of Things, Artificial […]

Media Coverage Aeris, Hello Tractor to offer Uber-like hiring of tractors in India

Global firms Aeris India and ‘Hello Tractors’ have collaborated together to provide an Uber-like rental and hiring facility for tractors in the country. The platform, which will start as pilot in eastern India with 500 tractors in its fold, plans to gradually expand the concept in other farm machines as well that includes combines, rotavators, […]

Media Coverage This startup lets African farmers hire on-demand tractor to boost their harvest

Small farmers in rural Nigeria typically can’t afford tractors. But a quickly expanding Uber-like program makes it possible for farmers to get temporary access to tractors on demand. Over the next five years, through a public-private partnership, John Deere plans to deploy 10,000 tractors in Nigeria, selling them to contractors who then rent them out […]