Webinar: How to Launch IoT Projects

September 18, 2019

11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST

SDX Central
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Getting into IoT just got easier. As the number of IoT devices grow dramatically, new IoT technologies become available, and the number of successful use cases grow to serve as blueprints—the path to enter IoT is easier to navigate.

Join us as subject matter experts define, diagram, and roadmap the path to a successful deployment. We’ll address questions such as:

  • How do I assess potential IoT partners?
  • Technology choices: Do I want LTE-M, LTE, NB-IoT, etc.? Why?
  • How do I keep all my IoT devices secure?
  • What are the key actions I need to take now to ensure I can scale in the future?

Based on our history of enabling 100s of our clients to succeed in IoT, and having deployed more than 14 million devices, we can help your IoT solution get to market. The right partner allows you to deploy, scale your connected devices while managing your resources anywhere – from one platform – simplifying the journey from unconnected product to connected services.

Come listen to this webinar where we will highlight the optimal path to deploying, and eventually scaling, your IoT program.

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