Global Connectivity


Aeris IoT Connectivity delivers flexible, next-generation connectivity and platform solutions. We use our platform to enable IoT connectivity to maximize the value and profitability of your application while we manage the underlying complexity. Aeris focuses on delivering not just network access, but specialized connectivity and platform solutions. 

Global Cellular Connectivity

Aeris provides global 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks. Aeris seamlessly delivers connectivity in more than 190 countries, across more than 550 underlying carriers, all delivered on a single platform. Aeris cellular networks were built specifically for IoT, delivering increased performance, control, and visibility. The Aeris networks were built for 99.995% reliability, and customer tests prove that its reliability is unmatched in the IoT / M2M communications industry. 

Beyond Cellular

The Aeris IoT Connectivity offering is designed to provide unmatched flexibility by enabling seamless management of multi-technology deployments. Aeris’ multi-technology, multi-network connectivity solutions deliver maximum value by combining the benefits of 2G/3G/4G cellular connectivity with the benefits of non-cellular technologies, such as low power wide area networks (LPWA), Wi-Fi, and more. Aeris simplifies the complexity of these deployments with seamless connectivity management on the Aeris IoT Connectivity management platform, regardless of technology or underlying network.

The Aeris AerPort Platform – Connectivity Management

The Aeris AerPort platform, along with APIs, delivers complete control over your IoT deployment through the entire device lifecycle. With real-time visibility into device performance and traffic patterns, and the ability to control costs through flexible alerts, alarms, and self-service troubleshooting tools, AerPort delivers greater operational efficiency, higher levels of automation, and, ultimately, much lower costs for all connectivity technologies and all deployment locations. AerPort has the tools and capabilities to help you identify problems faster, resolve issues quicker, and control costs at every stage of the device lifecycle. More about AerPort >

Global Support

Aeris Infinity Support is optimized for the dynamic and mission-critical needs of IoT. Research has shown that service and support capabilities are a critical consideration for our customers when selecting an IoT / M2M service provider. The Aeris global support teams are staffed by M2M experts and powered by Aeris’ proprietary and patented Made for Machines™ technology stack to deliver unparalleled responsiveness, reliability, and expertise. Our mission is to work with you to decrease downtime, increase your operational efficiency, and maximize your profitability. More about support >



The Aeris network was designed to ensure consistent depth of coverage, thereby providing multiple carrier options for connectivity.


LTE Coverage map

LTE Data Coverage Map

Access to leading nationwide 4G LTE connectivity optimized with 3G fallback capabilities.




CDMA Data Coverage Map

With access to more than 50 North American CDMA carriers, Aeris provides ubiquitous coverage to your devices, ensuring you can send and receive data as needed.

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GSM Data Coverage Map

With more than 400 partners across 190 countries, Aeris provides worldwide connectivity with unmatched depth of coverage to your devices.