Global Carrier Solutions


Capturing the IoT / M2M Opportunity

With the ongoing evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications, the opportunity for global service providers will be enormous. However, adapting existing consumer handset optimized systems for IoT / M2M services likely would result in sub-optimal business results and limit an operator’s appetite for addressing the entire IoT opportunity, thereby missing out on an explosive growth opportunity.

Business in a Box: Aeris Global M2M Service Delivery Platform

Aeris Global Carrier Solutions, a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, enables businesses to deploy Aeris solutions, systems, and expertise with very little upfront investment. Aeris Global Carrier Solutions can help your business model succeed by directly addressing expanding IoT / M2M opportunities; increasing average revenue per connection; and driving service delivery costs down.  

Aeris offers a complete technology stack, with the scalability and flexibility needed to optimize business models and improve operational efficiencies. With minimal investment and a faster time to market, your global IoT / M2M business can expand quickly and securely with the Aeris platform.

 Aeris Global Carrier Solution

The Aeris global carrier platform provides operators with all the tools needed to streamline service administration, including account and user management, rate plan management and assignment, device roaming zones settings, and automated rate plan changes.

This is the first carrier grade managed connectivity services platform that can be deployed in the operator’s country or region while still delivering cost advantages over internal operator systems. 

GSP Customer Reach

Aeris Charging and Billing Module

A typical cellular operator business is built with a finite set of tightly managed rate plans and chargeable features, with potentially millions of subscribers on each plan. From a charging point of view, however, IoT / M2M is a more complicated space. Limited charging and rate plan flexibility can constrain your addressable M2M opportunity.  

Aeris Global Carrier Solution’s rate plan flexibility improves the likelihood the sales rep can define a plan that meets a customers’ specific business needs, expanding the potential customer base.

Aeris leverages the latest data center and cloud technologies to reduce infrastructure and scalability costs for service delivery systems. Moreover, because the system is Aeris-developed, third-party use and capacity licenses are all but eliminated from your underlying costs.

Revenue beyond Connectivity

Aeris IoT Data Management simplifies and lowers enterprise cost of data collection and storage, and speeds enterprise application deployment timelines. Charging is offered on data access volume, so your revenues increase when your customers expand the value of the collected data by sharing it with their own business partners.

Fully Integrated Services Stack

Your deployment integration efforts are minimized as Aeris manages the system and database integration and maintenance. Aeris also is in complete control of the software and system instrumentation for monitoring processes for service reliability and for unique events to enhance elements used in charging.

With Aeris, you’ll leverage highly efficient support and operations functions that are tailored to IoT / M2M. In fact, experience indicates that Aeris delivers a 4:1 advantage over mobile operators on first call problem resolution.

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