Aeris wants to help companies grow their IoT solutions in Europe and beyond, bringing our global experience and coverage to make deployments simpler and more cost effective. Aeris is the proven technology partner for European customers who are on the journey from unconnected products to connected services.

From technological barriers to coverage issues to certification requirements, launching a device in the country is no easy task. The obstacles to overcome can be overwhelming but a well-thought out plan, accompanied by expert help, can make the deployment much simpler.

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Global Connectivity for Every Application and Budget

Aeris IoT Connectivity delivers flexible, next-generation connectivity and platform solutions. We use our platform to enable IoT connectivity to maximize the value and profitability of your application while we manage the underlying complexity. Aeris focuses on delivering not just network access, but specialized connectivity and platform solutions. 

Aeris IoT Solutions  

Aeris IoT Services offers an extensive solutions portfolio for businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through technology-driven innovation.

The Aeris IoT Services platform provides in-depth visibility and control of devices, assets, or sensors, regardless of time or location. This comprehensive IoT solution, with its suite of features built into the platform, is geared to enhance revenue, create new services and business models, and provide a distinct market differentiation, creating distance between your company and the competitors.

We work in multiple business sectors, providing a wide array of IoT solutions, including smart cities (waste management, environment monitoring, smart meters, smart street lighting); healthcare (medical adherence, patient monitoring, blood bank oversight); asset tracking; and automotive (vehicle actions, driver behavior) to name a few.

Think Globally, Think Aeris

It is predicted that within three years, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices and, as such, many businesses will be looking to create and globally deploy their own IoT solutions. At Aeris, we are helping businesses launch IoT solutions, not just in Europe, but worldwide.

But there are major considerations that organizations face when deploying IoT services. First and foremost is that a global approach is necessary if businesses want to achieve true success. To that end, Aeris enables companies to access multiple cellular networks through a carrier-agnostic SIM. Businesses can utilize a single Aeris global APN and then manage all devices through one platform to ensure heightened management capabilities in a dispersed deployment. We operate in more than 190 countries, utilizing more than 500 carriers.

These capabilities enable reliable device connectivity anywhere in the world, while alleviating concerns about designing new products for each separate country in which devices are deployed.

Aeris eases global deployment, improving time to market, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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