Media Coverage Corporates Creating Lasting Value With Innovative Sustainable Initiatives – CSR Mandate

Through their CSR initiatives, corporates have proven that their business goes beyond and can contribute toward a better tomorrow in these uncertain times. This listicle brings you the sustainability-related community initiatives and CSR flagship projects around environmental sustainability, clean energy, water and waste management, reducing stubble burning to achieve zero crop residue burning, from top corporates like Accenture, Aeris Communications, Birlasoft, ThoughtWorks and Sterlite Technologies.

Media Coverage The Internet of Water

IoT can help in data collection for meeting the rising demand for water augmentation as well as in improving the health of waterbodies. The beauty of IoT lies in the seamless way it can collect data from different kinds of sensors and devices. – said Dr Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications.

Media Coverage How IoT and Traffic Reduction Aid Smart Cities in Fighting Climate Change?

Today, metropolitan areas are populated with 55% of the world’s population, and this figure is expected to rise to 68% with 6 billion urban dwellers by 2050. Cities are responsible for most of the world’s economic activity, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. The major contributors to carbon footprints are: food, consumption, transportation, and household energy.

Media Coverage Why Should You Set up Smarter IoT Devices at the Edge?

Edge computing is the first step in the IoT data chain, allowing data to be processed before being transmitted to application servers for further analysis. In a nutshell, IoT with an intelligent edge will pave the way for a new human-AI interface.

Media Coverage Earth Day 2021: Tech Experts Focus on a Sustainable Future

At Aeris, we are actively working towards helping build an ecosystem of like-minded technology companies with complementary, best-in-breed capabilities which can deliver the kind of solutions that will help non-government organizations achieve greater positive impact.

Media Coverage Aeris: The IoT Champ

Sameer Mahapatra, Country Manager and VP Sales, Aeris Communications explains Aeris Communications IoT based offerings from connected cars to healthcare and agritech solutions.

Media Coverage Aeris to Present at Baird 2021 Vehicle Technology & Mobility Virtual Conference

Aeris Vice President and GM, Automotive Raj Kanaya will present on Tuesday, March 9 from 8:10-8:55 a.m. EST in Session II to discuss how Aeris is leveraging its deep, real-world experience deploying connected vehicle programs to help OEMs like Volkswagen dramatically accelerate value capture from the digitization of the vehicle ecosystem.