Infographics LTE-M Pain Points

As a leading, global provider of cellular IoT connectivity, Aeris has connected millions of devices around the world. We’ve designed our LTE-M offering to help you overcome common connectivity challenges and set the bar for quality service in your industry.

Infographics What is the Internet of Things?

There are many different types of networks available to connect IoT devices, including Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, and more. Here is a visual guide.

Infographics Infographic: How to Choose Your IoT Connectivity Technology

In this infographic, read about the key considerations for de-risking global expansion – selecting connectivity technology for the expansion regions; selecting distribution partners and technologies for scalable operations; and managing regional security and regulations.

Infographics Infographic: IoT Drives Connected Fleets

The global connected fleet market is experiencing unprecedented worldwide growth. The Internet of Things enables connected trucks to become a more efficient, productive enterprise while reducing environmental impact. Find out which countries have the biggest connected fleet markets and what benefits can be gained from IoT fleet management systems in this infographic.

Infographics Infographic: Healthcare IoT / M2M Trends

The healthcare industry shows great promise as IoT-driven systems and applications are improving access to care, increasing the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care. This infographic details how IoT fit into healthcare, the benefits of IoT in healthcare, and the upcoming trends and demand for IoT in the healthcare industry.