Whitepapers How To Use LTE-M For Battery Powered IoT Applications

LTE-M has power management modes that extend the battery life for IoT cellular devices. Enabling the modes differs for cellular modules from different manufacturers and can be time consuming to figure out. Aeris engineers have conducted extensive testing and documented how to configure the power management modes for cellular modules from major manufacturers in order to reduce the development time for IoT devices.

Whitepapers 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Moving to LTE-M

While the advantages of IoT are significant, there are basic hurdles to overcome when entering into this connected world. With well-thought plans, and an experienced provider, businesses can gain the coverage they need, enact comprehensive connectivity management for total device oversight, and be backed by a support structure that focuses on their success.

Whitepapers LTE-M Advantages of Next Gen Connectivity

LTE-M can provide numerous benefits to enterprises of all industries, including lower cost modules that provide significant savings; extended device battery life; enhanced security features, which reduce loss and provide valuable analytics data for theft prevention; and improved signal penetration reduces error rate.

Whitepapers Securing Cellular Enterprise IoT Solutions

Aeris’ solutions for cellular IoT device identity, data access security, and remote update management address today’s security risks and help IoT device manufacturers and solution providers comply with existing and near-term regulations in ways that are easy to implement.

Whitepapers Aeris IoT Services and the Power of Action

Aeris is committed to developing partnerships with social impact organizations, making available the tools needed to communicate and analyze data that will improve the lives of those most in need, as well as to foster better utilization of our planet’s scarce resources. Our solutions, ideas, and people help bring connected solutions to social impact enterprises working in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Whitepapers What is the Internet of Things? An Aeris Whitepaper

IoT enables a wide variety of systems and functions to be automated, eliminating a lot of human error. Additionally, IoT has numerous advantages over traditional technologies as it can bring unparalleled efficiencies and profitability to any industry, while creating all-new marketplaces that didn’t, and couldn’t, exist before.

Whitepapers The Future of Fleet

The global trucking industry is undergoing enormous change. Older vehicles are being replaced with “smart trucks”, using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT). Download this free whitepaper to find out how M2M & IoT telematic systems are transforming trucks into mobile network operating centers.