IoT for Cold Chain Monitoring

Aeris has the dedicated infrastructure for the most demanding cold chain transport systems for food, pharma, and other perishable supply chains.


Intelligent Cold Cargo

An unbroken cold chain system can track and ensure the quality of goods from manufacturer to end user.

But cold chains are susceptible to mechanical breakdowns, traffic delays, theft, human error, and numerous other factors. With IoT cold chain monitoring systems, issues can be handled in real time, with an entire infrastructure reacting as a single unit. When you use IoT monitoring, cold cargo becomes ‘intelligent’ thanks to smart sensors and oversight capabilities.

Smart Cold Chain Management

Here’s how Aeris IoT connectivity can help you efficiently manage the storage, shipping, and distribution of products that need a temperature-controlled environment, such as farm fresh food or pharmaceuticals that have specific temperature range requirements.

Get Timely Alerts

Alert stakeholders instantly when there is damage to packaging, potential theft, delay, and more—cutting down on damage and waste.

Macro-Level Tracking

Device just checks in via satellite, registers with network, thereby limiting usage and extending battery life.

Measure Exact

Know the precise temperature of all your shipments, at all times. Monitor and change the temperature settings remotely.

React to Changes,
Damage, or Delay

React quickly to potential problems. Not only does this reduce disasters, but it also can help improve your relationship with clients.

See Previously
Invisible Problems

With IoT monitoring and data production, you quickly can discover (and react to) problems that you would not have seen before.

Activate Lockdown

Your IoT cold chain system can distinguish between normal transit and theft, and you can lock down and track your shipment accordingly.

Get Rapid Recovery

In the case of theft, you quickly can track asset location. This way, even a major problem doesn’t have to become a catastrophe.


A Smart Ecosystem for Perishable Goods

With a smart IoT ecosystem for cold chain supply systems, you can monitor, locate, and address any potential errors quickly. Temperatures can be measured to exact degrees and correlated with acceptable norms for any given cargo. This allows the system to generate alerts for the driver and other stakeholders when there is an issue. IoT monitoring sensors can distinguish between being in transit and being stolen, even to the point of activating a ‘lockdown’ mode to reduce theft. And if cargo is stolen, recovery is rapid as it can be tracked to within inches of its location. Food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products can reach their destination undamaged in even the most extreme situations.

ACP has the dedicated infrastructure needed to meet even the most demanding cold chain transport system, where issues can be handled in real time, with an entire infrastructure reacting as a single unit.

Infrastructure is the Key

Smart devices and IoT systems won’t work effectively without excellent infrastructure and great connectivity. With its dedicated IoT infrastructure, Aeris provides world-class complete temperature monitoring oversight for pharma, farm produce, cold rooms, freezer rooms, cold transport venues, and warehouses. Aeris monitoring provides insights to real-time temperatures with in-depth data gathering, notifications, and alarms.

Help your business improve efficiency, reduce waste, and distribute product better. To create a customized cold chain monitoring IoT ecosystem, call us today.

Aeris Advantages

Unparalleled Flexibility

Every business is different. That’s why Aeris offers cold chain monitoring connectivity systems with unparalleled flexibility and the ability to choose the functions that your business needs.

Future Proof

The future of IoT will bring new devices, more data, and unknown changes. We’ve built our IoT connectivity network and Aeris Connectivity Platform with the future in mind.

Simple Operation

Plug and play, with one screen visibility for the entire deployment, regardless of carrier or technology, leads to greater operational efficiencies with less complexity.

Dedicated Network

Our reliable, secure, and dedicated network is built especially with IoT in mind, never interacting with public networks, thereby adding security to every deployment. It is ideal for the most demanding IoT initiatives.

Complete Visibility

Aeris provides an IoT device management portal (AerPort) for complete visibility via a single-pane-of-glass view.

Complete Connectivity

With Aeris, you’ll benefit from the simplicity of having a single provider for all your connectivity needs, regardless of the number of devices, their location, or carrier or technology affiliations.

Operational Support

At Aeris, we understand that IoT can be complex. That’s why we offer enhanced operational support that ensures continuous uptime.

Cost-Effective Results

Aeris has the lowest total cost of ownership of any IoT cold chain monitoring system. By creating operational efficiencies, you can obtain optimal results and stay on budget.


Aeris offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon-to-be 5G cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries across more than 550 carriers. Our networks are built specifically for IoT, which gives you better reliability, performance, visibility, and control. Choose the option that works best for your company’s specific business needs.


Aeris provides your company with access to leading nationwide 4G LTE connectivity, optimized with 3G fallback capabilities.


With access to more than 50 North American CDMA carriers, Aeris provides ubiquitous coverage to your devices, ensuring you can send and receive data as needed.


With more than 400 partners across 190 countries, Aeris provides worldwide connectivity with unmatched depth of coverage to your devices.