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Solving Network Issues

Different stages of an IoT deployment may run into an assortment of issues. In this scenario, we look at an on-boarding problem in which devices were not reporting consistently on a specific network.


International company provides engineering and information technology systems for civil and commercial infrastructure, specializing in integrated system solutions for remote monitoring applications.

The Problem:

Devices stopped reporting consistently in several regions within the U.S. on the LTE-M network. This lack of data can result in a loss of revenue and new business opportunity.

The Solution:

Aeris engaged its sales engineering (SE) group to escalate the issue with our carrier partner’s business team after their technical support had responded that “no network issue was found” to the many tickets regarding this issue. The SE team held daily meetings with the carrier partner, their equipment vendor, and the radio module OEM for troubleshooting and to drive to a satisfactory solution.

Aeris also engaged our operations team for their expertise on these calls. The problem eventually was found on the carrier cell sites that used a specific telecom vendor equipment type and had been configured in a certain way. In this scenario, the eNodeB (eNB), an LTE base station component, had a resource issue and was dropping or not receiving inbound messages from the customer’s device.

A two-phased approach was used to remedy the problem. First, the carrier provider disabled the configuration that was causing the problem on the affected cell sites. This recovered the service. Then a firmware patch was deployed nationwide that fixed the actual resource issue and allowed the carrier provider to re-enable the original configuration setting.

Aeris mobilized radio module OEM, eNodeB OEM, and the carrier network partner to align and troubleshoot the network end-to-end. Aeris then moved the escalation to the Level 4 engineering team to solve the issues that were involved in the diagnosis.

Aeris Response:

Aeris’ deep relationships and technical credibility with its carrier partner facilitated the ability to mobilize support from the various vendors to troubleshoot, identify the root cause, and recover the service.

Aeris provides technical expertise with merging cellular network technologies, circuit, and IP networks. The company’s determination to track down an issue outside of its own network and in a carrier partner network node is the same as if the issue had been internal. The goal is the same.

Customer Gains:

Deployed new technology (LTE-M) resulting in higher reliability and performance levels.
Increased revenue opportunities.
Leveraged carrier partnerships to advance better customer solutions.

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