Aeris Support Use Cases:
Ensuring Reliable Service
Protects Assets

Network Access

With so many devices moving across disparate geographic areas, having network issues can be can be business-critical. In this support case, we look at a global asset management situation where the inability to establish network connectivity data sessions caused problems but was solved by steering connectivity to another carrier.

The Customer:

A service provider that offers global asset tracking services in developing countries, including asset security, asset utilization, and asset tracking to ensure customers gain the most from their investment.

The Problem:

Devices are unable to reliably connect to the network or establish a device data session.

The Solution:

Primary carrier is providing poor service but devices don’t seek second carrier. This can occur when a device registers on a network but the RF conditions are such that data communication is poor. To address this issue Aeris has used network steering to steer the devices away from the primary carrier with the issue onto another carrier where the data performance is improved.

Aeris Response:

Aeris configured its network for the specific customer and network with poor performance to ensure devices do not move onto that network.

Customer Gains:

Delivering service in challenging environments is a must-have for any IoT deployment. Bottom-line benefits include:

Carrier-agnostic connectivity solutions enabled 24/7 service continuity, maximizing deployment up-time.
Service and support enabled new customer acquisition, existing customer retention, with improved customer satisfaction levels.
Enabled expansion and development of new revenue opportunities in areas where previous operations were compromised.

Aeris can support and enhance your asset tracking deployment.