Aeris Support Use Cases:
Putting the Customer First

Supporting Your Business

Every stage of an IoT deployment will need support services in order to optimize operations, troubleshoot, or address an issue in short order. Here we look at an operational situation in which Aeris Support helped to re-establish data sessions on global GSM.

The Customer:

An onboard computing and carrier fleet communications provider—and one of the industry’s leading innovators.

The Problem:

During the ongoing operational phase of a deployment in Arizona, a customer’s devices could not establish a data session on Global GSM. The customer, an onboard computing and carrier fleet communications provider, and one of the industry’s leading innovators, needed immediate resolution.

The Solution:

After extensive troubleshooting using data from Aeris’ monitoring systems, as well as joint troubleshooting with Aeris’ MNO partners, it was determined that the root of the problem existed between the roaming and the home MNO network.

Aeris aligned all parties on a troubleshooting bridge from the home MNO network provider through all of the international GRX (private IP network separated from the internet) carriers to the roaming network provider. The solution required the involvement of six companies.

It was discovered that packet fragmentation was occurring at one of the GRX carrier firewalls. This had been caused by a configuration change in the firewall during a maintenance that triggered packet fragmentation to occur. This, in turn, led to packets being dropped and not reaching their final destination. The GRX carrier reverted the configuration change and service was restored.

Aeris Response:

Aeris has deep technical expertise with cellular, circuit, and IP networks. Its technical staff was able to track down the issue outside of its own network and outside of its partner networks, which ultimately led to the identification of this obscure configuration change and the subsequent recovery of the service in a very short time frame.

Aeris’ deep relationships and technical credibility with its carrier partners facilitated the ability to mobilize support from the various network vendors to troubleshoot the problem, identify the root cause, and recover the service.

Customer Gains:

Downtime for any deployment translates to lost revenues, so re-establishing full service if vital. Aeris Support provides numerous benefits to customers, including:

Improved mean time to repair (MTTR) for services.
Reduced operational impact, reduced downtime.
Avoided triggering service-level agreements (SLA) credits.
Minimized revenue loss.

Learn how Aeris can provide extensive support services your IoT fleet deployment.