Aeris Support Use Cases:
Multiple Carriers Ensures
Data Accessibility

Accessing Data Services via Multiple Carriers

Deploying a solution that depends on carrier- and technology-agnostic platforms means the platform itself will adapt to the best connectivity option available at that time, in that place.

The Customer:

A medical equipment company that deals primarily with in-home
healthcare equipment.

The Problem

Customer devices suddenly were unable to access data services in two markets. The problem was that devices could register on the cell tower but there was no data service when the devices tried to establish a data session. This causes a device to fail instead of looking for another cell tower. These devices were stationary and so it was not possible for them to move away from a failing cell tower to a fully operational cell tower to access services.

The Solution:

Aeris was able to move the affected devices to another cell tower on another carrier network. This immediately allowed the devices to start accessing data services. Once service was recovered, Aeris continued to work with its carrier partner to understand what had caused the problem.

It was discovered that the cell sites had undergone a maintenance procedure that included a step that incorrectly set a configuration controlling data services. Effectively data services had been turned off for those sites. The carrier was able to correct the configuration and restore the data services to the affected sites. Aeris requested that the carrier perform an audit for all of their sites to ensure that there were no other impacts. As a result of the audit, the carrier found one additional site that had undergone the same maintenance and introduced the same error. This quickly was corrected.

Aeris Response:

Aeris used its troubleshooting expertise to understand the problem and to formulate and execute a corrective action to restore data services to the impacted customer devices. Aeris leveraged its multiple roaming carrier footprint to steer devices from the problem cell tower to a working cell tower operated by a different carrier.

Aeris used its deep relationship with its carrier partners to mobilize them to investigate and find a problem with their cell site configuration. Aeris also went further to request an audit of all sites, even though there were no reports of problems from customers beyond the reported issue. This led to identifying one other site with the same configuration issue.

Customer Gains:

For healthcare enterprises, data accessed from in-home medical devices literally could mean the difference between life and death. Aeris Support recognizes and reacts to network disruptions, wherever they originate, bringing together all participants in order to reach a long-term resolution. Benefits to the customer include:

Reliable, always-on connectivity enabled business continuity, growth.
Aeris audit of all sites led to identifying other sites with similar configuration issues, significantly shortening resolution times.
Carrier-agnostic solution enabled customer to switch carriers, cell towers so as to provide continuous service.

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