Aeris Support Use Cases: Identifying Network Identity Requests

Accessing IoT Devices

Collecting and analyzing data to improve the entire solar energy delivery system is mandatory for success. Losing this ability can handicap any business. Having support and expertise to help guide the deployment can prove invaluable.

The Customer:

A provider of power optimizers, solar inverters, and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic arrays aims to increase energy output through module-level maximum power point tracking.

The Problem:

Devices were not able to access network services after a network “purge”.

The Solution:

Aeris was able to pinpoint the issue to a network anomaly on a roaming partner where devices were not receiving an identify request from the network after a network purge. Aeris experts were able to identify the 3GPP standard for this condition and provided guidance to update the device firmware with code that adhered to the standard.

Aeris Response:

Aeris’ leveraged its expert knowledge in 3GPP standards and anomalies and then worked diligently to identify the firmware problem and to recommend a solution to the customer. Aeris designed a best practice solution that solved the problem even though the issue was not Aeris or a carrier specific network problem. Aeris proactively analyzed its network logs, identified and then reached out to other customers who also might have been experiencing the same anomaly.

Customer Gains:

Updated firmware, network anomalies, IoT best practices, 3GPP standards. These are items within the Aeris arena. For solar companies that need IoT assistance, Aeris has the expertise and experience to help with all these issues, including:

Reliable collection of real-time data provided insights, improved solution performance.
Aeris functionality enabled anomaly detection so issues could be solved before becoming widespread.
Increased energy output through module-level maximum power point tracking.

Network anomalies, network purges,
IoT code standards, and more.
This is where we can help.