Oscar Mejia

Product Management Intern

University of Buffalo

Where are you from?

Yonkers, NY.

What do you study and where?

I study Computer Science at the University at Buffalo.

Favorite Aeris project that you have worked on?

My favorite Aeris project I worked on has to be the competitive analysis of possible partners. I got insight on how decisions are made within a company, the information needed to make those decisions, and where it gets shown. I also enjoyed testing devices for research.

Favorite experience with the interns?

My favorite experience with the interns was the Santa Cruz Boardwalk trip. It was a great way to bond with the other interns and get to know them outside of the office.

What have you gained from the internship?

I have gained insight on working for a technology industry in one of the world’s largest tech hubs, Silicon Valley. Within Aeris, I learned about the career of product management. I gained knowledge on what a product manager does and what is expected of them.

What advice would you give someone considering an Aeris internship?

The advice I would give is just go for it! The internship is an amazing learning opportunity, and if you’re a technology major this is definitely the place to be.

What is your most unforgettable memory at Aeris?

The overall internship will be an unforgettable memory. From my first steps in California, to my last day working for Aeris, the entire experience gave me plenty of new learning opportunities, networking opportunities, and fun adventures in this state.

What is your favorite part about working at Aeris?

My favorite part about working at Aeris is the lively work environment, it could go from strict working into a game of foosball or table tennis.

What made you choose Aeris?

I chose Aeris because the company walks the walk on diversity. Working in a diverse environment is essential to our culture and allows innovative process. Aeris provides a program to expose underrepresented students to career opportunities in the industry. Mix that with the fact that the company is at the forefront of a new emerging market in the world of IoT, this company seemed like the most extraordinary opportunity to learn new things.