Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (see also RADIUS).
  • ACaaS
    Access Control as a Service.
  • Acceleration Sensing
    A MEMS concept referring to the increase in movement of an object from one point to another along a straight line or axis. Typical applications include remote control, pointing devices, gesture recognition, fitness monitoring equipment, etc.
  • Accelerometer
    A tool that measures changes in gravitational acceleration in the unit it may be installed in. Accelerometers are used to measure acceleration, tilt, and vibration in many devices.
  • Access Control
    A system that determines who, when, and where people are allowed to enter or exit a facility or area. The traditional form of access control is the use of door locks, but modern access control may include electronic systems and wireless locks. Access control may also apply to cybersecurity.
  • Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
    A recurring fee-based system where a facility manager outsources electronic access control to a third party. Each facility need not maintain a dedicated server.
  • Access Point
    A Wi-Fi node that allows users entry to a network, typically a LAN.
  • Active Sensor
    A sensing device that requires an external source of power to operate.