A dialect of JSON that describes physical places. Features modeled by GeoJSON are points, line strings, polygons, and multipart groups of these types (MultiPoint, MultiLineString, MultiPolygon). Numerous mapping and GIS software packages employ GeoJSON.
  • Geotagging
    The process of tagging a photo, video, or other types of media with coordinates, thus marking it with a location.
  • GGSN
    Gateway GPRS Support Node (see also SGSN).
  • GIS
    Geographic Information System.
  • Global System for Mobile communication (GSM)
    This is the most widely used digital cellular network and the basis for mobile communication such as phone calls and the short message service (SMS).
    The Russian global navigation satellite system with a constellation made of 24 satellites orbiting Earth. These multi-constellation GPS modules allow users to access multiple satellite networks, and accessing extra satellites allows for faster and more accurate positioning as well as offering greater resilience when satellites are obscured in areas such as cities.
  • GNSS

    Global Navigation Satellite System. Used when talking about different constellations of satellite navigation systems.

  • GRPS
    General Packet Radio Service.