• Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
    Intelligent systems to assist the elderly and others with daily care activities, often through IoT technology. Application fields are security (for example, observation), functionality (such as automated light switches), and even entertainment.
  • Ambient Intelligence (AmI)
    Sensor-filled environments that interpret and react to human events and activity, and learning to adapt over time, the environment’s operation and services change based on that activity.
  • AMPS
    Advanced Mobile Phone System, an analog cellular mobile system using FDMA.
  • AMQP
    Advance Message Queuing Protocol.
  • Android Wear
    An open-source platform that extends the Android system to wearables. The SDK includes an emulator.
  • Anomaly Detection
    A statistical technique that determines what patterns are normal and then identifies items that do not conform to those patterns. Unlike simple classification where the classes are known in advance, in anomaly detection the users don’t know what they are looking for in the data.
  • ANSI-136
    American National Standards Institute Standard 41, for TDMA cellular.
  • ANSI-2000
    American National Standards Institute Standard 41, for CDMA2000 cellular.