IoT Dictionary

This glossary includes key terms of the IoT (Internet of Things) & M2M (machine-to-machine) communications industry, including wireless and cellular technologies spanning many different markets. It is updated to present current terminology and usage. Your participation and feedback are most welcome—to submit comments, new entries, or suggestions, contact us today.

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Quality of Service (QoS)
Different services that regulate data transfer priorities to identify and control the quality with which a service can be accessed by users. This is especially important if a certain quality (for example, bandwidth) has to be guaranteed to ensure the functionality of a service.
Quantified Self
A movement that started in 2007 that uses modern technical advances to gain more insight into one’s own life by collecting data relating to, among other things, health and emotions. This data is then used to improve a person’s lifestyle and state of mind.
Quantum Sensor
A sensor that takes advantage of quantum correlations to produce measurements beyond what are possible with traditional sensors. Taking advantage of unique behavior of systems at the atomic scale, quantum sensors use wonder materials such as graphene and quantum dots.