Aeris in the Community


Actions still speak louder than words. And at Aeris, our employees connect with mighty action.

Check out how Aeris personnel give back to the community. The following employees highlight just some of our contributions.


“Rise with one hand extended. Give others the help you wish you had.”

‒ Marc Jones, CEO, Chairman, Aeris


Bridget Balsam

Bridget served as an academic tutor, social media coordinator, and mentor at Elevate New Orleans. The organization’s mission is to elevate the life skills and abilities of inner-city student athletes through athletic, academic, and social development. Elevate New Orleans aims to close the achievement gap by ensuring inner-city youth have access to highly effective afterschool and summer development programs. Some of these programs include seminars on time management, financial literacy, healthy eating habits, and the college application process. Elevate New Orleans has seen a 100% success rate sending student-athletes to college on partial or full scholarships. Learn more about the organization at:

Kevin Petschow

Kevin volunteers for the Off the Street Club, the oldest boys and girls club in Chicago serving one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, West Garfield Park. He has been involved with the club since 1997, giving his time and monies to numerous activities designed to keep children safe. He supported their ninth annual Firefly Ball, which took place on Friday, July 21, 2017 at the Art Institute of Chicago. Learn more about the organization at:

Christina Richards

Christina volunteers with the Junior League of San Jose (JLSJ), which is a charitable organization of women committed to developing the potential of women, improving the community, and promoting the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. One of the JLSJ’s goals is, by 2020, to have made a measurable and visible impact on the lives of transitional age foster youth. In order to reach this vision, JLSJ raised more than $200K for this cause through its Derby Event in May 2018. The organization partners with the Silicon Valley Children’s Fund through a program where youth from marginalized communities receive hands-on professional STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) training each weekend at the Tech Museum in Downtown San Jose. Under the program, Christina has mentored young adults, talking about her journey and her inspiration for getting involved in the technology field.

Learn more about the organization at:

Debbie Schwarzer

Debbie began volunteering 19 years ago with the legal team for one of the major statewide homeschooling support and advocacy groups, the HomeSchool Association of California. She served briefly on the board while simultaneously working on legal and legislative homeschooling issues. Debbie also is a co-founder and was board member of another advocacy group, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, which is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to support, educate, and advocate for families of gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children around the world. The organization supports individualized learning and works to change the way the world views neurodiversity and education. Debbie now serves as the legal counsel to the group. Learn more about the organizations at:

Annette Evans

Annette serves as a board member of both Technovation[MN] and Code Savvy. She has been active for four years with Technovation[MN], and joined the board of Code Savvy six months ago. Technovation[MN], a program under Code Savvy, offers an entrepreneurship and technology program that inspires middle school and high school girls to dream up, design, code, and pitch a mobile app that will solve a local community problem. Code Savvy is a non-profit organization built to inspire kids and teens to become code proficient. Code Savvy is determined to bring more gender and ethnic diversity into computer science. In addition, Annette has been a full-time volunteer association member for Twin Cities in Motion for 13 years. Twin Cities in Motion’s mission is to ignite everyone’s inner athlete by focusing on promoting and supporting healthy active lifestyles throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. They have a growing youth program that provides multiple engaging events throughout the metro area where the youth can come to have fun, learn, and get healthy.

Learn more about the organizations at: