People Programs


At Aeris, we always are on the look-out for ways to reach out to those who might not otherwise have access to opportunities created by technology’s innovations. Here’s how we do it:


We recruit high-performing individuals who identify with underrepresented groups (women engineers, minorities, people from smaller towns, and first to go to college).

First Job

We take into account the whole person – interview scorecard considers not only good grades and strong interview prep / follow-up, but also working to pay for college or high school, being the first to go to college, being from an underrepresented community. This year, we had more than 1,000 applicants.


Our internship program focuses on helping students learn how to operate in a professional environment. Remember that some of our applicants did not grow up around adults working in corporate environments. As such:

  • We allow students to rotate across 1-2 departments of their choosing (5 weeks in each, or 10 weeks in just one).
  • We do not require related work experience; rather, we seek well rounded, hardworking, serious students.
  • We ask interviewers and managers to provide feedback to interns; never let sub-par performance or non-professional behavior go un-coached.
  • We ask managers to identify projects ahead of time – not just work that needs doing, but also bigger projects that will help interns learn.
  • We don’t leverage the program as an entry-level recruiting tool. Interns are welcome to apply for open positions after they graduate.
  • We provide a small hourly stipend, as well as housing, meals and transportation for the students.

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