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Aeris platforms were designed for speed, agility, flexibility, scalability, and security and are ideal for businesses that offer a large number of services, to a diverse number of customers, with a variety of hardware options, in multiple countries, where change is constant.

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OUR MISSION Aeris provides an end-to-end modular technology platform that enables customers to make the pivotal change from unconnected product to connected services.

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With a proven history of helping companies unlock value through smart IoT technology, Aeris provides comprehensive connected solutions. These solutions help your organization enhance revenue, create new services and business models, and get ahead of the competition. With the Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) you can connect to and manage all the connected features of IoT devices. And, with the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP), you gain real-time reporting and tools that give insight into the status of your entire IoT / M2M deployment. All Aeris solutions are globally connected, built specifically for IoT technologies, and tested at scale.

Aeris Mobility Platform

Aeris Mobility Platform is a modular, scalable, integrated end-to-end IoT software platform. AMP is designed to help you create, deploy, and evolve IoT solutions related to moving things, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and scooters. Built using a micro-services architecture, AMP currently powers large-scale IoT deployments for Tier 1 automotive OEMs, motorcycle OEMs, and enterprises across insurance, leasing, and finance. Its main components—the Device Platform, Services Platform, and Infrastructure Services—work together to meet your unique needs as you move from unconnected products to connected services. AMP can control all devices while responding to a constantly changing landscape.

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Aeris Connectivity Platform

With the Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP), you can simplify real-time remote monitoring and control over your IoT and M2M programs. You’ll enjoy greater operational efficiency, higher levels of automation, and a lower TCO with our advanced device management. Get multiple connectivity options and enjoy the ability to control your devices wherever you are.

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AerPort / APIs

The AerPort™ dashboard provides a single portal for managing global deployments, end-to-end device lifecycle management, billing optimization, location-based services, connectivity analytics, and access to customer support. Aeris also offers a rich set of REST APIs, which enable customers to effectively manage connectivity, network services, and more.



ACP is a single platform to seamlessly manage deployments across multiple carrier networks and multiple technologies. This allows customers to reduce operational complexities and shorten time-to-market for launching next-gen products (LTE-M) and global expansion.


Channel Package

ACP reduces the operational complexities of selling and managing connectivity through distribution channels. Streamlined visibility into distributor accounts and end devices enables faster issue discovery and resolution. Activate, test, and ensure correct device performance before sending devices to distributors, while eliminating recurring supply chain connectivity costs.

Enterprise Global Cellular Connectivity

Our Enterprise Global Cellular Connectivity is for customers with global needs or larger deployments requiring differing rate plans. This multi-tiered solution offers seamless connectivity in more than 190 countries, across more than 550 underlying carriers, all delivered on a single platform. Get global 2G, 3G, and 4G (and soon to be 5G) cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks. We use cellular networks built specifically for IoT, delivering increased performance, control, and visibility.

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Cellular Connectivity

With Neo, powered by Aeris, you get “do-it-yourself” IoT. Made for smaller businesses, smaller deployments, R&D, and product pilot testing, this cloud-based management platform puts you in control of your IoT / M2M connectivity. Neo offers flexible pricing, no contracts or hidden fees, and a pay-per-use model. You can get connected quickly in just three easy steps. Plus, you can test each device before you start to incur charges. Get to market quickly, simply, and affordably with Neo.

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