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Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Enterprise Global Cellular Connectivity

Aeris is a trusted partner for enterprises deploying IoT. No matter the location, application, or budget, we’re here to provide reliable connectivity and support.

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Seamless Global
Cellular Solutions

The Aeris network is built specifically for IoT, with 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon-to-be 5G cellular connectivity in more than 190 countries across more than 550 carriers.

Aeris global connectivity gives you better reliability, performance, visibility, and control. Choose the option that works best for your company’s specific business needs.


Aeris provides your company with access to leading nationwide 4G LTE connectivity, optimized with 3G fallback capabilities.


With access to more than 50 North American CDMA carriers, Aeris provides ubiquitous coverage to your devices, ensuring you can send and receive data as needed.


With more than 400 partners across 190 countries, Aeris provides worldwide connectivity with unmatched depth of coverage to your devices.

Aeris LTE-M:
The Next Generation of IoT Connectivity

Part of the Aeris Fusion IoT Network, LTE-M connectivity technology is ready today, but built for the large scale IoT of tomorrow. It costs less to implement and operate, features better indoor coverage, and its low power requirements mean your device batteries can last longer in the field.

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LTE-M Coverage Maps

Industry Use Cases

Learn how businesses across the globe are succeeding with Aeris connectivity.

  • Solar
Connect multiple solar devices, on-grid or off-grid, even in remote and harsh locations. With global cellular connectivity, you can monitor and manage utilities with ease. Read More
  • Fleet Telematics
The Aeris Mobility Suite can be scaled and customized to your needs, allowing secure, real-time information exchange between your vehicles and your dispatching office. Read More
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
With IoT monitoring solutions and Aeris connectivity, you can get complete insight into your devices, enabling you to remotely control your cold chain all across the globe. Read More
  • Asset Management
Customize a smart asset management system so you can manage, monitor, and locate assets―no matter how many you have or where they are dispersed. Asset Management
  • Utilities Smart Monitoring
Connected devices and IoT enable smart automation, improved safety, and overall better efficiency in the gas, oil, water, and electricity sectors. Read More
  • Healthcare
With Aeris, IoT-driven companies can gain a competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace―specifically in areas such as user experience, operation costs, efficiencies, and global expansion. Read More
  • Commercial Site Security
Aeris’ security by design, along with our comprehensive support services, provide the backbone to any deployment. Read More

Stay a Step Ahead with Global Cell Coverage

Aeris simplifies the complexity of your IoT deployments and enables you to stay ahead of the competition. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, flexible, high-capacity, and low-complexity cellular solutions for IoT communications. Here are some of the ways our enterprise global cellular connectivity can help your IoT business thrive.

Connect a Wide Variety of Devices

Aeris envisions a world where any device can be connected wirelessly to the internet and to each other. Our cellular network can support any object, outfitted with sensors, that has the ability to gather and transfer data over a network.

Get An IoT / M2M Optimized Solution

Our platform and network are built specifically for the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine applications. Unlike networks that are built for consumer smartphones, the Aeris network can handle large deployments of IoT devices and M2M applications.

Rely on Our Experience

With more than a decade in the IoT industry, Aeris is on the leading edge of IoT / M2M technology. We’ve worked with countless customers to provide global connectivity solutions.

Improve Your Business Operations

Enterprises can use our IoT expertise to improve their operations when it comes to preventative maintenance, monitoring, tracking location, and much more.

Provide Consumer IoT Applications

IoT isn’t just for enterprise use—it’s for the average person, too. Give your customers the ability to control their own network-connected devices from their smartphones, wearables, or from a webpage.

Deploy Devices in Multiple Networks

With Aeris’ enterprise cellular connectivity, you can deploy devices globally in multiple networks (such as cellular and non-cellular technologies) and manage your deployment from one platform.


Wireless Networks Built for the Future

As technologies improve and new technologies are created, Aeris remains at the leading edge. The future looks promising for new varieties of wireless data technologies. Right now, 4G LTE is becoming more accessible, and 5G is soon to be a reality. In addition, new types of IoT sensors and devices always are being developed. New cellular technologies will begin to replace existing ones over time, so it’s important to plan device and application lifecycles accordingly. Aeris can help you stay ahead of the competition by adopting new and improved technologies as they emerge.

The Next Generation
of IoT Cellular Technology

While 4G is the current gold standard for cellular technology, 5G will be hitting the marketplace soon. It has the ability to advance and expand IoT by enabling greater download speeds, increased capacity, reduced latency, lower power consumption, advanced functionality, greater bandwidth accessibility, and much more. While 4G technologies will be the standard for the next several years, 5G technologies eventually will be incorporated to improve IoT and M2M deployments.

LTE-M is a low-power wide area (LPWA) technology that prioritizes low cost (including less expensive hardware), power efficiencies with prolonged battery life (up to 10 years), minimal infrastructure needs, is secure and scalable, with global reach to cover large deployments.

Many more connectivity protocols, such as NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and others, are entering the market at unprecedented speed. These connectivity strategies will afford a diverse range of business sectors to seek out operational efficiencies and competitive advantages through collecting, storing, and analyzing business-critical data. Aeris has the experience and technology know-how to help you get the best results.

Aeris Fusion IoT Network

With global cellular connectivity, connecting devices is just the beginning. The Aeris Fusion IoT Network provides sophisticated tools for managing those connected devices―from provisioning SIMs, to monitoring data consumption, to troubleshooting device and network issues. Aeris even enables you to manage devices connected by other cellular carriers or other connectivity technologies―all from a single platform.



Advanced Device Management

Manage device connections from provisioning to end-of-life: pause device connections, update rate plans, monitor network data usage and cost.

Proactive Troubleshooting

Create custom alerts to identify issues, and automate troubleshooting tasks to keep problem devices from becoming a cost factor.

Carrier-Agnostic Device Management

Manage device connections, regardless of the underlying carrier to which they are connected.

Connectivity Management

Use Wi-Fi IoT connectivity as a non-cellular supplement to reduce costs.


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