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Get the Best Information for Your Region by Switching to the Aeris Europe Site.

Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Aeris Connectivity Platform: IoT Connectivity Enablement

Flexible, next-generation
IoT connectivity management solutions.

ACP: Extensive IoT Connectivity Management

The Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP) is a purpose-built platform that provides complete control over an IoT program’s entire device lifecycle. Provision, activate, and bill devices with speed and confidence.

ACP improves visibility into deployments, lowers the complexity level of a deployment, and reduces the manpower needed for overall connectivity device management.


Key ACP Capabilities

The Aeris Connectivity Platform provides critical functions:


/ APIs

The AerPort™ dashboard provides a single portal for managing global deployments, end-to-end device lifecycle management, billing optimization, location-based services, connectivity analytics, and access to customer support. Aeris also offers a rich set of REST APIs, which enable customers to effectively manage connectivity, network services, and more.



ACP is a single platform to seamlessly manage deployments across multiple carrier networks and multiple technologies. This allows customers to reduce operational complexities and shorten time-to-market for launching next-gen products (LTE-M) and global expansion.



Channel Package

ACP reduces the operational complexities of selling and managing connectivity through distribution channels. Streamlined visibility into distributor accounts and end devices enables faster issue discovery and resolution. Activate, test, and ensure correct device performance before sending devices to distributors, while eliminating recurring supply chain connectivity costs.

One View
Complete Control

Simplifying a complex problem, ACP is a single point of control for an entire IoT connectivity deployment through our AerPort portal or APIs, regardless of how many vendors or devices involved. Having single pane-of-glass visibility simplifies management, vastly improves deployment oversight, consolidates reports, quickens response times for troubleshooting events, and lessens the time and workforce needed for deployment management.

Eliminate Manual
Device Updates

Need to update 100 sensors? Or 100,000 sensors? How many hours of your workforce are you allocating for that? If your provider cannot accommodate over-the-air updates, managed from one central location, then you are missing out on significant savings. Without updates, it could mean you are using yesterday’s solutions for today’s problems.

Single Platform
IoT Connectivity Management

ACP provides customers with the ability to analyze device performance and cost drivers which, when combined with alerts management, enable a wide range of pre-defined or event-driven system alerts and reports that help ensure highly efficient IoT connectivity operations. This adds value and an abundance of benefits.

Lower Costs

ACP provides reduced rate plans / better offers over time / cost-effective technologies.

The Right Coverage

For reliable nationwide or global coverage, Aeris can access the right technology for your specific needs (i.e., LTE-M, NB-IoT).

Quality of Service

Outages / poor performance can kill a business. Always-on connectivity, with alerts and reports, provides long-term deployment consistency.

Go Worldwide

Pre-provisioning and an API-based platform enable automation at scale. Multi-language, multi-currency abilities further ease scaling issues.

Keep Pace with Technology

New technology launches and sunsets are part of IoT. Future-proven Aeris technology provides a seamless protocol transition when needed.

Work as One

ACP simplifies the IoT process, enabling the totality of the company to work as one efficient unit, sharing data and insights.


Aeris Infinity Support

Robust global support is becoming a turning point for IoT organizations. Support and troubleshooting for an IoT connectivity deployment consist of several areas of importance, including on-boarding and deployment support; help desk assistance; response times; proactive problem notifications; and 24/7 online and automated information services.

Aeris Infinity Support is optimized for the dynamic and mission-critical needs of IoT. Research has shown that service and support capabilities are a critical consideration for customers when selecting an IoT service provider. Aeris global support teams are staffed by IoT experts and powered by Aeris’ proprietary and patented Made for Machines™ technology stack to deliver unparalleled responsiveness, reliability, and expertise. Our mission is to decrease your downtime, increase your operational efficiency, and maximize your profitability.


Aeris is your IoT technology partner that can provide easy access to the IoT universe. Let us show you how.