Gain the benefits of the Aeris Intelligent IoT Network with our enhanced LTE-M offering.


Aeris LTE-M Extends Capabilities

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is a dynamic, software-driven network that continuously evolves with new capabilities, such as new connectivity options of LTE-M, as well as the extended functionality of Aeris ConnectionLock and Connectivity-Aware OTA. Customers can simply tap into intelligence with minimal changes or standardized interfaces (i.e., REST APIs).

LTE-M leverages lower-cost modules, enables extended battery life, provides better signal penetration, and has the ability to use existing infrastructure. This creates the best possible IoT connectivity solution for security, scaling, and cost.

LTE-M (also known as CAT-M) is a bi-directional, standards-based low power wide area technology that supports IoT through lower device complexity while providing extended coverage with prolonged battery life.

LTE-M does not need a new infrastructure as it can piggyback on existing LTE networks. That means a carrier can update software on its network, get LTE-M functional, and not spend any additional funds on infrastructure or support services.


Restricting Device Communications

ConnectionLock acts as a software-based IoT firewall that is implemented within the Aeris network. This allows customer devices to connect securely to a set of pre-selected IP addresses or endpoints, and prevent any fraudulent use by blocking access to any endpoint that has not been selected by the customer. As result, this significantly reduces the security risk for customer devices.

This Aeris Intelligent IoT Network security solution is implemented at the network level so it doesn’t add any complexity to the IoT device software. Customers do not need to implement any logic at the application level or in their business processes to receive the benefits of Aeris ConnectionLock.


Over the Air Updates

Aeris LTE-M offers Connectivity-Aware OTA APIs that can be integrated into customer OTA management workflows (i.e., existing processes or tools).

In today’s IoT deployments, customers have several reasons to remotely update software that is deployed on their devices. Device makers use a combination of homegrown processes and tools to deliver the remote updates to field devices. A key challenge with homegrown processes and tools is the lack or visibility into the device’s connectivity information. Amongst the many undesired outcomes resulting from the lack of connectivity information, a key problem is high delivery failure rates, thereby significantly increasing the time, complexity, and cost for completing OTA campaigns. These problems become bigger as the scale of deployment increases. Furthermore, these undesired outcomes are magnified significantly in low power cellular technologies, such as LTE-M and/or NB-IoT, due to its inherent technology limitations of low bandwidth and highly constrained networks. Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA addresses and overcomes these issues.

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