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Based on your location, we recommend switching to the Aeris Europe website. There you will find information about Aeris' IoT connectivity services unique to your region.

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Aeris Mobility Platform:
End-to-End IoT Platform

The modular Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) provides technical and functional building blocks for IoT solutions related to moving things.



IoT is rapidly making it easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable to make, sell, buy, own, or use virtually any product available today. But IoT infrastructure is hard to build, and few companies know where to start. That’s where AMP comes in.

The Aeris IoT platform provides the technical and functional building blocks required to turn unconnected cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, and small engines into connected service offerings. Manufacturers and enterprises around the world are leveraging AMP to launch, grow, and evolve successful IoT programs.

Use Cases

Below are a few of the industry solutions that we power.

  • Automotive
Re-imagine the driving and ownership experience, improve dealer service retention, increase aftermarket sales, and generate new revenue from third parties. LEARN MORE
  • Motorcycle
Offer innovative new safety, security and convenience features, improve dealer service retention, increase aftermarket sales, reduce warranty and recall costs. LEARN MORE
  • Insurance
Validate insurance claims and recover assets in case of theft. LEARN MORE
  • Leasing
Develop pay-as-you-go plans that end-users can afford, and that the banks and insurers can accept. LEARN MORE
  • Finance
Confidently extend credit to drivers with no credit history. Identify under-performing assets before they default, and expedite repossession with remote tracking and immobilization. LEARN MORE

How AMP Works

AMP is an end-to-end IoT technology stack―from infrastructure to application―that is modular down to the component level. Every micro-service in AMP includes a well-defined API, such that companies can leverage the entire stack, or pick and choose just the components they want, and then integrate them into existing or third-party systems.

At the highest level, our IoT platform can be broken into three areas:

AMP Segmented


Services Platform

The Services Platform provides tools to create and centrally administer connected services and deliver those services to the right devices, to the right users, at the right time.

It includes a robust library of pre-built Business Services related to things that move and have a motor (such as remote engine start, remote health and status check, GPS tracking, etc.); a Services Factory to create or enable new services; a Product Catalog to package those services into a wide variety of products (for different regions, brands, models, etc.); Lifecycle Management to correctly deliver services across the entire user and device lifecycles (including vehicle/thing registration, customer enrollment, mobile device pairing, transfer of ownership, TCU swap, etc.); Billing, Payments, and Taxation services to charge customers for services rendered; User Relationship Management (URM) to manage and analyze user information and send targeted messages; as well as OTA and campaign management to remotely update device software over-the-air.


Device Platform

The Device Platform connects and controls information flow between each device and all other endpoints in your system.

Purpose built for IoT and globally tested at scale, the Device Platform enables OEMs to securely and efficiently deliver services to any number of devices. Architecturally separated from the Services Platform, the Device Platform automates device configuration as services evolve, improving operational efficiency and enabling advanced business models where users can carry seamlessly connected services from machine to machine. It also integrates a number of tools to increase responsiveness, including a real-time publish and subscribe communications bus (MQTT), event management, state management, and authorization and authentication.

Finally, it includes a smart edge client that enables maximum service flexibility while reducing both connectivity and cloud computing costs.


Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services provide the tools and analytics to help OEMs manage and monitor their entire system—from infrastructure to applications—at any scale. Infrastructure Services integrate advanced tools, including a container deployment orchestrator, rules-based anomaly detection, trend analysis, and a full audit trail to detect security threats.

The entire system is GDPR-compliant by design and incorporates security best practices at network, transportation, and application levels. Security protections at the network level include firewalls, DMZ (safe zones), reverse proxy, VPN, and a dedicated private IP range. The transportation level involves moving data, while the application level deals with data at rest, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access control, either four- or six-eyed principles, with a full audit trail.

A Future Proven Foundation

AMP provides a future proven foundation for complex, global IoT programs that will grow and evolve over time. The entire IoT platform is cloud agnostic, and is built with capsule farm architecture to facilitate scaling, enable product variation (for different brands, models, model years, geographies, etc.), and provide protection as programs grow and evolve. It also is cost-optimally redundant for local high availability and disaster resilience.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, AMP is built with modular, micro-services architecture that enables companies to use only what they need. Aeris’ specialty lies in working with OEMs and enterprises to identify and integrate needed components.

Find out how AMP can work for you.

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