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Intelligent IoT fleet telematics to mobilize fleet management

Secure, cost-effective global cellular IoT connectivity for fleet management applications.

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IoT Fleet Telematics Overview

Enable fleet telematics and tracking anywhere in the world

Enjoy overlapping 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, and 5G cellular coverage from 600 carriers in 190 countries — all managed on a single IoT telematics platform.

Explore IoT connectivity for Fleet

Leverage secure, uninterrupted global cellular IoT connectivity and launch a variety of fleet telematics and management technology use cases.

  • GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Video Telematics and Fleet Monitoring
  • Temperature Management for Cold Chain Applications
  • Connected Dashcams
  • Usage-Based Insurance

Confidently operate across the globe knowing that a reliable, intelligent network is working to get you the best rates wherever your vehicles go.

IoT connectivity purpose-built for fleet management.

No more blind spots.

Unlock the True Potential of Fleet Management

Simplify Vehicle Tracking

Monitor vehicle condition and location to optimize routes, track fuel efficiency, coordinate vehicle maintenance, conserve fuel and take corrective action.

Implement Video Telematics

Keep your drivers and vehicles safe by monitoring operator behavior and speeding up incident resolution. Benefit from higher data through enhanced security at economic rates.

Enable Usage-Based Insurance

Opt for pay-as-you-go data plans to support UBI to manage insurance premiums based on miles driven, vehicle speed, and operator behavior.

Speed up stolen vehicle recovery

Effectively track irregular patterns or behavior to identify unauthorized usage and prevent vehicle theft.

Fleet Telematics Customer Story

“Accurate insights, delivered by carrier-agnostic solutions, have enabled us to unlock and grow UBI potential in other markets, including mileage-only based policies, and increasingly sophisticated driver behavior analysis that utilizes Redtail’s sixteen enhanced parameters to better identify risk.”

Redtail Telematics meets the growing demand for UBI by providing its insurance customers with reliable connectivity devices for vehicle data transmission, regardless of the vehicle location and without the fear of a damaging network outage.

Read Redtail’s Story

Utilizing just 1 SIM

Operating in 180 countries

Monitoring 16 enhanced parameters

Looking to simplify the deployment of connected initiatives?

Select wireless connectivity with your end goal in mind.

In the competitive market of fleet management systems, rapid innovation is key to standing out, beating the competition, and winning more customers.

Knowing that your cellular connectivity supports the rapid deployment of winning products around the world: from basic GPS tracking to self-install UBI devices and IoT sensors to inward- and outward-facing dash cams, and more — helps you continue to push the envelope on R&D.

Discover how IOT/M2M helps Fleets

Launch Your Fleet and Telematics IoT Programs with Confidence

Ask the right questions when selecting IoT connectivity to power your fleet management solutions.

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Develop a sustainable model of operational efficiency

Improve visibility into operational conditions in real-time.

Fleet management has been dependent on IoT solutions to track the location, condition, and performance of their vehicles for many years.

Rapidly improve operational components in real-time by gathering troves of video data on driver behavior and operating conditions.

You’re one step closer to realizing critical savings related to fuel costs, driver safety, routine preventative maintenance, and faster resolution or prevention of unplanned events.

Maintain a competitive edge in fleet performance

Gain control over costs with flexible pricing.

A scalable, high-performance infrastructure is key to maintaining a competitive edge and delivering on the promise of innovative fleet services and actionable insights.

Streamline your operations and consistently generate revenue. Our intelligent network offers fleet operators flexible pricing and data-driven cost optimization recommendations and asset tracking to advance financial modeling.

Optimize connectivity costs

Covering a breadth of industries worldwide

See how Aeris’ innovation meets your specific needs.

Energy and Utilities

Reorient the grid. Lower costs and achieve new standards of energy efficiency.


View all solar assets in one place for complete control.


Improve the patient experience and clinician experience while keeping costs low.


Connect your vehicles to impress your customers and build brand loyalty.

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