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IoT for Healthcare

Provide patient care where it matters most with one platform and deliver simple, secure, and reliable connected health.

IoT for Healthcare

At home or on the move, IoT for Healthcare Drives the Patient Experience

Prescribe optimum connectivity, deliver extraordinary patient care.

Demand for personalized and always available care is growing. This means devices enabling remote patient monitoring, mPERS, or remote emergency care need to connect without end-user intervention and transmit data anytime anywhere over a secure private cellular network.

Eliminate single carrier constraints and protect patient information with IoT for healthcare that offers intelligent monitoring and insights, and reduce complexities and optimize IoT programs with advanced insights, automated overage protection, mid-month rate plan changes, and flexible rate plan options.

Let’s talk IoT for healthcare

Deliver next-gen connected IoT healthcare solutions

Leverage network intelligence to improve patient care and your bottom line.

Bring IoT for healthcare solutions to market quickly, secure patient data in transit, scale deployments effectively and expand globally—all while maximizing value from your connected solutions.

Reliable mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) with intelligence

Customer-optimized connectivity eliminates dead zones and delivers more speed in more places. Deliver advanced features like location tracking, fall detection, predictive alerts, and faster medical emergency communications.

Unlock the promise of seamless remote patient monitoring (RPM)

RPM devices with Aeris global eSIM connect to the right network without over-the-air interventions to configure carrier profiles.

Ensure treatment adherence and workforce compliance using advanced solutions

Beyond best-in-class connectivity, Aeris helps build advanced solutions with expert onboarding assistance and hands-on support with testing to improve performance.

IoT for Healthcare Customer Story

We partnered with Aeris because of its flexible pricing structure and comprehensive network coverage, as well as its overall ability to support mission-critical applications. Aeris has been huge for us.”

SimplyHome needed an IoT partner that could guarantee reliable, easy to manage service. For SimplyHome, Aeris delivered a more reliable, stronger signal than any other carrier.

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2 hours to a few minutes

A significant drop in the time needed to install SimplyHome’s services

Increased customer satisfaction

Reliable coverage leads to reliable services and more satisfied customers

Expanded reach across the United States

Carrier agnostic, multi-carrier offering let SimplyHome expand its business reach to different areas of the country

Always connected. Always informed.

Reliable, Scalable, & Flexible IoT connectivity

IoT for healthcare is changing the world. We’re here to help you do it right.

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Connect people across the world

Enjoy overlapping 5G-ready, 4G/LTE, LTE-M, 3G, and 2G coverage from 600 carriers across more than 98% of the U.S. and 190 countries — all managed on a single platform.

Improve service reliability

Customer-optimized connectivity enhances device performance, improves battery lifetime, and expands solutions to rural, hard-to-reach areas.

Expand IoT solution offerings

Access the broadest set of cellular technologies, data rates, and rate plans to give you the ultimate flexibility to build the right solutions for your customers.

Streamline operations

Take advantage of self-service tools and expert monitoring to prevent, detect, diagnose, and resolve issues across your IoT network, devices, and data.

Build turnkey experiences with IoT for Healthcare

Provide continuous monitoring of patient vitals

Every second matters when delivering the best patient care. So connectivity just needs to work.

Our intelligent IoT network and connectivity management offering ensures that key patient vitals like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and more are seamlessly delivered over a reliable and secure private cellular network.

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Simplify development and deployments

Aeris Global eSIM provides pre-installed profiles that eliminate the headache of managing profile downloads at scale.

Secure devices and communications

Respond to threats with an extensive set of capabilities at the SIM level and the network level, customizable policy settings, security intelligence from network insights, and private cellular connectivity.

Resolve connectivity issues proactively

Use real-time visibility into network activity, device-specific alerts, and forced device-level action to address device issues instantly.

Scale RPM devices with ease

Automated lifecycle management, distribution channel management, and secure API access allow your team to onboard, monitor, and manage connected devices easily at scale.

Accomplish more with less

Save significant time and resources when you deploy new devices, maintain, and troubleshoot your IoT solutions, at scale and globally.

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Protect patient data and remain compliant

Secure data-in-transit from SIM to your application servers

Gain deeper visibility with intelligence from advanced analytics and AI/ML engines built to analyze device behavior and detect anomalies at scale.

With access to highly accurate historical data, Aeris can assist to help prepare for audits by many regulations such as PCI, PII, and HIPAA.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

Experience the Impact of IoT in Connected Industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) builds connections between people, devices, and places like never before. See how Aeris’ IoT solutions impact your industry.

Fleet and Telematics

Get connectivity for the road, scaled to meet your fleet.

Energy and Utilities

Reorient the grid. Lower costs and achieve new standards of energy efficiency.


View all solar assets in one place for complete control.


Connect your vehicles to impress your customers and build brand loyalty.

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