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Comprehensive, flexible IoT services to meet your needs

Get the help you need to manage, optimize, resolve, and grow your IoT program.

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Support Operations

Contact us anytime to report an issue, and we’ll take action right away to get a resolution and keep you informed as to the estimated time and status of your issue.

Remote diagnosis performance

Proactive Problem Notifications

Receive near-real-time alerts to your designated point person for any problems arising with the Aeris network or AerPort portal, as well as status updates.

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Online and Automated Info Systems

Access your network dashboard at the AerPort web portal anytime to view device activity and costs, manage devices, set and review alerts, and generate reports.

Power Your IoT Program with Network Intelligence

Our AI offers recommendations to optimize and protect your IoT program.

Network intelligence is the backbone of your IoT program. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our connectivity solutions scan, diagnose, and offer actionable recommendations to optimize reliability and even detect anomalies or security risks.

Why rely on intelligence? Our teams have real-time insight into the performance of your devices, so we can solve for potentials — not problems.

Optimize my IoT Program

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“We’re 100% here to help you find success with IoT. Whether it’s basic connectivity or business strategy, our support team is ready to help you.”

Julie Armstrong | Chief Commercial Officer, Aeris

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Prioritize incident reports by including critical information

When it comes time to report an issue, there are a few pieces of information you can share to help us resolve any challenges you face promptly.

  • Devices Impacted
  • Time of Incident (TOI)
  • Condition Description at TOI
  • Estimation of Severity Level

We’ll take it from there.

How do I estimate the severity of an event?

Or: isn’t everything level 1?

When something isn’t working, it can feel like everything’s on fire. Check our handy severity level list — or dig into the technical severity level descriptions for the specifics.

Level 1

Call 911 and get to the ED. Everything is down, everywhere! Connectivity between your systems and Aeris — or the Aeris network itself — is down. HELP!

Level 2

We need a specialist! Something isn’t right and it’s impacting lots of customers and the performance of multiple units. Individual networks are “down” or “impaired”.

Level 3

Ouch! It’s minor and I need a bandaid. This is the kind of issue affecting only one customer or a portion of a non-critical service for multiple customers.

Level 4

Ask the nurse a question. Get information on ticket updates or upcoming maintenance windows, troubleshoot an account issue, or make a suggestion.

Expect More from Your IoT Connectivity Partner

Supporting IoT connectivity takes an enterprise-grade partner. Meet Aeris.

We’ve laid the groundwork for our own cellular IoT connectivity network — and by building it ourselves, we learned how to overcome the obstacles and find the momentum to make IoT real.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. With Aeris, you get a full-service IoT connectivity partner laser-focused on helping you reach your IoT goals with custom-built IoT services and support for businesses.

I Want IoT Support

Flexible, Adaptive Options

IoT isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your business needs change, which is why we offer flexible billing and packaging options that meet your needs now — and tomorrow.

Dedicated IoT Support Team

Waiting on hold isn’t helping move your business forward. With our dedicated support team, you’ll get the expert help you need when you need it.

Business Support Knowledge

You’re probably not launching an IoT program just for fun. We’re here to help you monetize and scale your IoT program with a business perspective on IoT.

Transparent IoT Support and Services

We’re 100% committed to your initiatives. We can’t do what we do without you — so we bring the honest perspectives needed to get you to your goals.

Sometimes Self-Help is Best for Supporting IoT Programs

Explore the resources to start solving your IoT program challenges today.

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IoT Services and Support You Can Count On

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