Unleash the full potential of 5G and IoT with Aeris

Power next-gen experiences—5G, mission-critical IoT, or large-scale IoT deployments—today.

5G and IoT Use Cases

Enable large-scale or mission-critical applications

Unmatched speed and reliability — 5G is transforming the world as we know it.

As the fifth generation of cellular networks rolls out, your industry will change and you’ll enhance experiences by creating new opportunities. From real-time video to autonomous vehicles, anything with high data throughput or extremely low latency will benefit from 5G and IoT.

Additionally, 5G will support a massive expansion of sensors, as in hundreds of thousands of sensors on a single tower, which, along the way, will only enhance existing technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT

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5G and IoT Means More for Everything

More speed. More range. More scale.

Performance Management

Deliver lightning-fast experiences

Achieve high uptime and much lower latency for your critical IoT applications

Global support infrastructure

Extend connectivity

Increase your reach in distance and through buildings with access to low-band spectrum

Enable large-scale deployments

Maximize solution longevity and ROI for Massive IoT applications with low power consumption

Get ahead and stay ahead of the curve

Rollout your next-gen IoT solutions today

Aeris 5G-ready intelligent IoT network supports 5G technologies today. Combined with integrated intelligence, our offering enables businesses to deploy next-gen use cases today and enables a seamless transition to 5G.

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Ubiquitous and intelligent connectivity

Global connectivity without compromise enabled by Aeris 5G-ready intelligent IoT network

Global connectivity on mobile phone

End-to-end simplification

From 5G-ready, dual-profile eSIM to end-to-end lifecycle management, Aeris accelerates productivity and growth

Comprehensive security

5G-ready security solutions designed to proactively prevent, detect, and respond to security vulnerabilities and threats

IoT asset security

Effortless transition

Strength in carrier partnerships, advanced tools, and access to dedicated experts delivers a seamless transition

Connectivity in all facets of business

Instant connectivity. Zero provisioning.

Aeris eSIM effortlessly future-proofs your IoT deployments. Equipped with multiple profiles and location-aware intelligence, Aeris eSIMs dynamically connect to the networks best suited for your connectivity requirements.

You will never need to provision remotely or swap SIMs for global connectivity.

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Unified experience with an end-to-end 5G and IoT Connectivity Partner

Whether you are starting your journey with Aeris or advancing your existing deployment, you can be confident that you will have access to unprecedented visibility, control, and management of the devices across your IoT programs.

The intuitive connectivity management platform provides a centralized interface to manage the entire end-to-end lifecycle of your IoT deployments.

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Maximize Your IoT Program with Tech Expertise Convergence

AI is only one stream in your IoT ecosystem. Connect your programs with tech differentiation.


LTE-M is the preferred technology for your low to mid-bandwidth IoT device communication.


Enjoy global connectivity that lasts the lifetime of your IoT devices with one eSIM — it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML combined with IoT create nearly limitless possibilities for delivering better experiences for you and your customers.

IoT Network Security

IoT network security gives you visibility, the key to your security framework of prevention, detection, and response.

Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.

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Security Management

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Support Management

Make a Smart Move with Intelligent IoT Customer Service

Prepare for the next wave of 5G and IoT

Experience an intelligent IoT connectivity network that simplifies the complex.

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