IoT and AI — Future-Proven Artificial Intelligence

Redefine what’s possible with IoT for AI.

Benefits of AI and IoT

Converge Technologies to Enhance Experiences for Your Customers

Together, the IoT and artificial intelligence take us farther.

What do you do with the data you collect from your connected devices? Artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with IoT create nearly limitless possibilities for delivering better experiences for you and your customers.

Drive efficiency, decision-making, and smart behavior by merging IoT and AI.

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60% of Tech Leaders are Using AI and IoT Together

What’s the motivation for this investment? Efficiency, productivity, competitive differentiation — and customer demand.

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Increase Efficiency

By creating smart machines using intelligent IoT connectivity, you’ll unleash the full potential of IoT for reducing lag time across your business.

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Digitize Interactions

Internal or external, AI and IoT give you the opportunity to reinvent how things work and actually achieve your digital transformation goals.

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Enhance Decision Making

IoT gives you more data and visibility — and AI helps you make sense of that data, so you can make smarter decisions about your business.

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Stay Competitive

Customers expect more from you — and AI and IoT, when combined, have the power to fully meet those demands head-on.

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AI Gives You the Power to Act on the Data Collected from Your IoT Devices

Do more than capture data. Catapult yourself forward by acting on it.

At its core, IoT offers you almost unlimited data on your devices — device performance, usage, capabilities, and more. AI lets you take that data and do something with it.

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Obtain Meaningful Insights

Find the patterns and make sense of your IoT device data with AI and IoT combined.

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Protect Against Threats

Detect anomalies, predict risks, and automate response with intelligent IoT.

Discover Business Opportunities

Uncover new products and services by using the device data to communicate with customers.

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Your IoT program only gets better when it runs on an intelligent IoT Network.

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Scale Your IoT Program

Data lakes and spoons don’t work together.

With floods of data coming in from low-end sensors, you create a massive pool of data that — unfortunately — is often stored and ignored.

Intelligent IoT analyzes and reduces data in real-time, decreasing the sheer amount of data to a more manageable amount — which allows you to engage even more IoT devices.

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Maximize Your IoT Program with Tech Expertise Convergence

AI is only one stream in your IoT ecosystem. Connect your programs with tech differentiation.


LTE-M is the preferred technology for your low to mid-bandwidth IoT device communication.


Power next-gen experiences—5G, mission-critical IoT or large scale IoT deployments—today.


Enjoy global connectivity that lasts the lifetime of your IoT devices with one eSIM — it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

IoT Network Security

IoT network security gives you visibility, the key to your security framework of prevention, detection, and response.

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Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.

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Enhance IoT with AI Programs

Where artificial intelligence and IoT converge, anything is possible.

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