You can’t protect what you can’t see

IoT Network Security

Visibility is key to your IoT security strategy.

Lightweight — and vulnerable

The proliferation of IoT devices increases the attack surface

Prevent, detect, and respond with IoT Network Security from Aeris.

The design, variety, and scale of IoT devices require a different security strategy in line with your enterprise IT network. Visibility is key to the modern IoT security framework of prevention, detection, and response.

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Lightweight and resource-constrained devices

Today, it’s difficult to implement endpoint protection for IoT network security.

Uncontrolled deployment environments

Many locations are inaccessible to solution deployers, increasing security gaps.

The scale of deployments rising

Greater vulnerability with an increase in scale is a factor in any transformative tech.

Long-lived IoT devices

Threat actors have more time to uncover and exploit security flaws.

Wide deployment in many verticals and applications

More devices, more risk. The extent of diverse products used by businesses and consumers increases your threat vectors.


of IoT transactions are insecure over plain text channels and not through secure (SSL) channels 1

minutes is the average time it takes before IoT devices are probed for exposed services 2

was the average cost of a data breach in 2020 3

Network intelligence heightens Your IoT Network security

Traditional IT security doesn’t work for IoT.

You need a different kind of security for your IoT devices. With IoT network security from Aeris, you’re no longer stuck in the black box. Instead, you’ll gain device-level visibility.

You’ll also improve the effectiveness of your vulnerability scans, rapidly detect potential threats, and identify any compromised devices and breach locations.

Don’t compromise, or you’ll be compromised.

make connectivity easy

Comprehensive and intuitive NDR dashboard enhances IoT security

With IoT security from Aeris, you’ll have all the insights you need to inform real-time security decisions. Protect your devices and data with Aeris.

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Clean dashboard of key security stats for easy identification

Use a single pane with key stats for all IoT devices.

Extensive drill-down capabilities for detailed forensic analysis

Our tools enable detail tracing, monitoring, and forensic analysis.

IOC trend-charts aid real-time monitoring

Vital stats convey the most impactful security KPIs.

Security risk score represents a consolidated view

A personal score reduces technological intimidation and improves awareness.

An IoT Network security toolset Your CISO Will Love

Access the benefits of a comprehensive IoT security toolkit, designed to address the specific challenges presented by the scale and variety of IoT devices.

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Two types of VPN

Protect your data transmissions with our site-to-site VPN, a secure semi-permanent private connection, or our software VPN client installed on your computer for a secure temporary connection to our network.

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Non-dialable number

Prevent unauthorized access from third parties attempting to connect to specific IoT devices remotely by blocking SIM access via the public network.


Prevent malicious and unauthorized access across accounts by separating IoT network traffic from different clients.


Block data theft and unwanted usage by locking down devices in the network and enabling them to communicate only with approved end-points.

Your best investment to ensure IoT network security

Integrated solutions are more cost-effective than bolt-ons.

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Embedded IoT Connectivity Management System

Monitor all your systems in a single dashboard, and use drill-down tools and diagnostics to filter and analyze functionalities.

Easy to Administer and Manage

Our tools are easy to learn and master by non-security professionals, so you can maximize efficiencies and resources.

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Extensive API simplifies integration

Support comprehensive IoT security best practices by integrating your cybersecurity IoT solutions into one platform.

Get The Visibility You Need for IoT Network Security

Aeris Intelligent Security Center lets you see like never before.

Experience a new class of IoT security with the Aeris Intelligent Security Center. Access everything you need, from network detection response capabilities and advanced analytics to threat intelligence and a blend of real-time alerts

Gain a cost-effective solution that improves IoT device security and minimizes risk.

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Use Advanced IoT Security to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Threats

See everything and do more from your Aeris Intelligent Security Center™.

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Implement safeguards that restrict unauthorized access by establishing role-based permissions, identifying traffic endpoints, and securing data transmissions.


Recognize compromised devices and unusual data transmission patterns with indicators of Compromise (IOCs), severity alerts, and security score (use animation of AISC dashboard).

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Use bulk-action for timely suspension or cancellation of compromised IoT device(s), and drill down to each device for forensic analysis and to implement preventative actions.

Maximize Your IoT Program with Tech Expertise Convergence

AI is only one stream in your IoT ecosystem. Connect your programs with tech differentiation.


LTE-M is the preferred technology for your low to mid-bandwidth IoT device communication.


Power next-gen experiences—5G, mission-critical IoT or large scale IoT deployments—today.


Enjoy global connectivity that lasts the lifetime of your IoT devices with one eSIM — it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML combined with IoT create nearly limitless possibilities for delivering better experiences for you and your customers.

Stay Connected with the Latest in IoT

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep moving forward.

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Criminals Move Fast. Move Faster with IoT Network Security.

Use the latest IoT Network security advances to protect your devices, network, and data.

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